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  • Click Counter Script

    Click Counter Script works by using a PHP redirection script to see how many times users click on certain links.Instead of clicking a link and loading the link's content directly, Click Counter Script sends the redirection operation through a special

  • Pytranslate 0.1.4

    It takes inputted text, sends it to the Google Translate service and returns the resulted translated word(s) / sentence(s).Can be installed via pip as well.

  • Free Who Is Online Script

    It also gathers information such as the IP of the visitors and the time stamp and stores it into a MySQL database.Installation:Unpack the archiveEdit the file and change the database name, user name and password.Upload files on the ser

  • Worldmap 1.2

    This script geolocates your visitor's IP-Addresses and displays them on a worldmap. Every IP-Address will be geo located by its longitude and latitude. This worldmap shows every unique visitor of the site represented by a dott. Installation

  • Simple Ip Logger

    This simple IP logger is a fantastic tool to keep track and log your visitor's ip details. These data can be extremely useful for enhancing website security and visitor management. The script is bery easy to install, use and customize to suit yo

  • What's Your Ip

    What's Your IP script allows you to display user IP address and its location on Google Maps.Since the location IP uses the thirdparty API, there is no guarantee that they have a complete IP location database.

  • Visitor Plotter 1.1

    The 'visitors plotter' allows you to plot the location of your visitors on a world map. It gives you (and your visitors) a bird eyes view on the location of your visitors.The script does not use a style sheet. It is not possible to change the ap

  • Clickcounter 1.0

    ClickCounter is an easy to install and easy to use click tracker. Simply add a link in the administration panel and you can replace a download link on your website so that you can count how many times a file has been downloaded or how many times a pa

  • Referer Script

    Referer Script is a php library that lets you show a list of the most recent refering websites. So if someone clicked to your site from Google, then Google will show up in the list, and so forth. The script can be easily included in any PHP

  • Winn Tracker 1.0b

    It's time to start tracking everything! Now you can with Winn Tracker; track downloads, page views, how many times a link or image or anything was clicked and, keep track of incoming links. Very easy to use and start implementing right now! The syste

  • Php Logging Class 1.2

    PHP logging class was created to easily log visitors presence on websites.Features: - Store different security levels (Low, Medium, and High) - Get the real visitor’s IP for every log entry - Allow several optional parameters, such as

  • Local / Lan Ip Checker Php Code

    Local IP checker / filter is a PHP program that helps to block 3rd party stat tracking when using a local network to access webpages. If you host your own website and use a 3rd party tracking company to track your visitors usage/system specs they mos

  • Ip Sniffer Php Code

    This PHP IP sniffer program will sniff out the IP address of your website visitor and email you the information without notifying the visitor. You will need to make sure your PHP installation is configured to handle email functions within the code.

  • Dynatracker

    DynaTracker will tell you precisely and accurately what’s working and what’s not. Track your referrals, pay-per-clicks, banners, text links, e-zine ads, classified ads, link exchanges, newsgroups, e-mails, e-books, autoresponders and more

  • Tracktheclick 1.22

    TRACKtheCLICK gives you a report about number of clicks, time of clicks, referer and visitor information.Features: - Ad tracking: Tracks your email, ezine, banner, web site links - Tells who are clicking. - Short URLs like - The links are editable at

  • Redkernel Referrer Tracker 1.1.2

    RedKernel Referrer Tracker uses a powerful filesystem (combined with MySql) to reduce the server load and to even works when the MySql server is down (temporarily), it can handle a very big amount of hits even on a little server. It draw many detaile

  • Adtrack Professional

    ADTRACK Professional is a system you can install easily onto your website that can be setup within minutes. It will monitor all of your advertisement clicks and check these clickers for any previous clicking history. If the clicker has exceeded your

  • Ip2country Php

    IP2Country is a script that outputs the country based on IP. It's easy to install and easy to use. Features: - Real time geographic location (Country); - Simple to adapt for all kind of applications.

  • Php Web Stat 4.5.03

    The user will be able to analyze and monitor all visitors of his website. Here are some key features of "PHP Web Stat":General characteristics:· Tracking of visitors via Javascript or Imagetag· Storage via textbased logfiles or database (My

  • Php/mysql/ajax Link Tracker 2.2

    PHP/MySQL/AJAX Link Tracker (or just Link Tracker for short) is an AJAX-based link clicking tracker. Simply put, it uses AJAX and a PHP/MySQL backend to track which links on a page are clicked by users. Not only does it log the information, it also d

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