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  • Event Publish 1.0

    Event Publish is a simple PHP online calendar application that lets users add details about an event and put together one or more complex calendars.Event Publish comes with an installation wizard to get developers started and with an administrative s

  • Php Annual Calendar 1.0

    PHP Annual Calendar is a one file PHP solution for displaying a calendar of your current year.The calendar is displayed month by month in a classic 4x3 format, with the first day of the week being Monday.Besides the current day, weekends are also hig

  • Super Simple Time Ago 1.0

    Super Simple Time Ago works by converting something like:16/01/2000 into "14 years ago"13:23:09 into "5 minutes ago"As you can see, Super Simple Time Ago will deal with both date and time formats, converting the timestamp into the time span from when

  • Tinytimer

    tinyTimer uses jQuery to animate and display a large timer in the center of the page.The timer will start counting down time as soon as the page loads. If clicking inside the current page, the timer will be immediately reset to its starting time.When

  • Simpledateformat For Javascript 1.3

    Java is notorious for its simple way of coding and its huge class collection for working with about anything you might ever need.One of the things it does great is date&time manipulation, a process JavaScript ain't really that good at.The "SimpleDate

  • Calendar Solution 3.7

    Allows an user to host his own events management system, and keep track of his agenda on his own.An optional API for WordPress Shortcodes is also provided. Here are some key features of "Calendar Solution":· Calendar view· Detailed list

  • Eventcreator 2.4rc

    The user can import, upload or create a new event and save it to another format like iCal, xCal, RSSCal 1.0 and 2.0. A demo is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "eventCreator":· Upload of local or remote iCal file

  • Tinycal 3.0

    It can retrieve calendar data from iCal or Google Calendar formats and display it in the widget. Comes with daily, weekly or monthly views.A demo is included with the download package. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side What's New

  • Calendar - Date Picker - Date Field

    A jQuery plugin is also available next to the standard PHP class.As the date is being picked, it will be automatically be added in the input box. Here are some key features of "Calendar - Date Picker - Date Field":· Format off the date entered i

  • Eyelaunch

    All email addresses are stored inside a database, and all data can be exported to multiple formats (XML, CSV, Email or MySQL queries).It uses JavaScript to post form data and create the live countdown timer, but it degrades perfectly if javascript is

  • Free Popup Calendar

    It provides the ability to select calendar dates in the format defined by the webmaster. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on the client side

  • Overweight Calculator

    This is a free overweight / BMI calculator script that allows you to checkwhether you are overweight or not.Installation - Once downloaded the above script, unzip it and upload it somewhere in your web host. It's just one single PHP script so all you

  • Date Validation Class

    This class has only one function. Simply pass the values of day, month, year and it will display an error message explaining what may be wrong.The code is very easy to customize. The class can be rapidly included into your own projects.

  • Date Validate And Compare

    This is a simple class that can be used to validate and compare dates. It can take a date given in the month-day-year format and verify whether the day corresponds to a valid day of the given month and year. It can also take two date objects and comp

  • Future Date Countdown

    Future Date Countdown script will count down until your offer expires creating urgency and pressurising your visitors into making a purchase. Advantages: - Use for special offers where you could discount your product for a limited time – a guar

  • Guestcal 2.1

    GuestCal makes administration and display of occupancy times of your website easier. Your customers can always see, if their desired date is free.Features: - Administration and display of unlimited objects - Multilingual - Unlimited entry classe

  • Php Event Calendar Application 1.1

    PHP Event Calendar is an easy to use event calendar script which can be used on all your websites and web pages. There are unlimited amount of style combinations - you can change everything - size, colors, fonts, borders, date and time formats, week

  • Display Date In Your Own Language

    PHP has the date() function that returns day names and month names in english. But sometimes you may want to display the date in your own language. This script shows you how to convert the names in English to your langua

  • Timeline v2.3.0

    Timeline can be used with zero software installation, server-side or client-side. The developer can populate Timeline with data by pointing it to an XML file.To navigate through the calendar's events, the user can drag and drop the various timeline c

  • Tgccalendar 2.0.1

    tgcCalendar allows you to some basic date-calculations on operations. It provides methods like getMonth(), getYear(), isDayOfWeekend() and several more. You can also generate a tabular calendar that can mark different dates in different ways. The gra

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