• Free Simple Php Calculator

    It can be embedded into a website to enable the webmaster or visitors to quickly perform simple and advanced calculations.Installation:Upload the files to your serverAccess the page by navigating to it with your browser

  • Simple Php Calculator

    Simple to use and implement, it validates as (x)HTML transitional 1.0 and with stylesheet support.Installation: - Upload 4 of the mentioned files above to your server. - CHMOD the 'ans.html' file. - Access the page by navigating to it with your brows

  • Php Prime Number Calculator 1.2

    Prime Number Calculator script allows you to calculate any prime number at very fast speeds. This script requires the use of php. Before you use it, you must check that your web space supports php. This script uses no css style sheet so it's not

  • Andy-alcohol-calculator

    Andy-Alcohol-Calculator lets visitors calculate their blood-alcohol-level.Features: - the script gives your visitors the possibility of calculating their blood-alcohol-level in an interactive way - You can easily alter the list of the drinks that you

  • Date_holidays 0.15.1

    Date_Holidays helps you to calculate the dates and titles of holidays and other special celebrations. The calculation is driver-based so it is easy to add new drivers that calculate a country's holidays. The methods of the class can be used to g

  • Mortgage Calculator Plus

    Mortgage Calculator Plus allows your visitors to calculate various detailed data regarding their mortgage.Main Features:- Size of the downloadable package is 280 Kb. - You can modify default values, currency sign, wording, font, colors, and etc. - Yo

  • Amortization Schedule Calculator

    This loan calculator - also known as an amortization schedule calculator - lets you estimate your monthly loan repayments. It also determines out how much of your repayments will go towards the principal and how much will go towards interest. Simply

  • Hair Loss Calculator

    When Will I go Bald? If you are wondering the same question as many other men and women, you have found the right application. The When Will I go Bald Hair Loss Calculator was designed for you to calculate if and when you will go bald.You must e

  • Calculate Elapsed Time

    Calculate Elapsed Time allows you to calculate the elapsed time between two points.This code snippet is an example of using the mktime() function along with Unix Epoch timestamps to do time math. This particular implementation can be useful in determ

  • Moneyconv

    MoneyConv is a very useful and fast currency converter. It gets the latest updated exchage rates directly from the European Central Bank's website, and allows you to convert any world-wide currency to another. It supports also local caching which ens

  • Rent Vs. Buy Calculator

    This script is designed to help people who are trying to decide whether to rent or buy make a decision. It uses all common factors (PITI) and PMI for estimating home purchase payments, it also has an amortization schedule built in but not displayed a

  • Kloc Calculator

    KLOC Calculator calculates the lines of code from your programs. It provides an option to include and exclude file extensions from the count. It can calculate from N number of directories at one go.

  • Phpopenarithmeticevaluator 1.0

    phpOpenArithmeticEvaluator is an arithmetic evaluator, that could be used to evaluate formulas entered by the user. It may become a powerful part of a system, because it is intuitive to write formulas directly. You might extend it such that the user

  • Returning Age From Date Of Birth

    Returning age from date of birth script allows you to enter a date of birth in Year, Month, Day and receive a numeric value of how old the date of birth equates to.The script can be easily installed and customized.

  • Dive Trip Calculator

    Dive Trip Calculator lets visitors play around with their next own dive travel plan. In only 3 simple steps, the potential guests can get the estimated expense they would pay based on dive sites selected and equipment rented. First step is to enter t

  • Mortgage Calculators 3.2

    Mortgage Calculators scripts provides you a set of 12 mortgage calculators.Features: - UNIQUE feature - PDF calculation sheet with every calculator ! - Allow your customers to print calculations results with your contacts in the header. Don't let you

  • Dacio's Calorie Calculations 1.0

    This script  provides you simple calorie calculations tools, which includes two files. Dacio´s calculation.daily calories is used for calcualting your daily calory need for whole day or one meal. Dacio´s calculation.weightl

  • Andyalccalculator

    With this free php-script you can give your visitors the possibility of calculating their blood-alcohol-level in an interactive way.Features: - You can easily alter the list of the drinks that your visitors may choose from (data are stored in a text-

  • Phploancalc

    This online loan calculator can be used to figure out regular payments of any kind of loan, based on the loan amount, loan length, interest rate and pay periodicity. phpLoanCalc uses template, that's why you can easily change its appearance for seaml

  • Simple Calculator Php 1.21

    This is a rather complex calculator script featuring such operations like adding and dividing fractions. It has all the basic functions of a calculator like adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplication. It can find values for TAN, COS, SIN,

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