• Tinambo 1.0.0

    Because Tinambo is content in only one single file, the entire blogging platform moves and operates incredibly fast.As you can imagine for yourself, storing all content locally in JSON files may not be the best idea, but Tinambo wasn't meant to power

  • Dropplets

    Dropplets combines features found in blogging platforms with features found in static site generators.While it still uses an administration panel to let administrators manage the site's settings, to add new content, Dropplets uses a static Markdown f

  • Textpress 2.0.0

    Inspired by Toto and coded using Slim, TextPress is a simple, yet very fast blogging engine for PHP.TextPress was specifically developed to work around a Git repository, storing content as local text files and using Git's versioning powers to record

  • Bloginy

    Bloginy is built on the Symfony PHP framework and uses a command-line installer to set up both Symfony and the Bloginy core. While this may be a little difficult for inexperienced developers, once setup Bloginy won't give them any other trouble.The p

  • Blogfile 1.0

    Because of its super-light size, BlogFile is a pretty fast blogging engine, very useful for small to medium news and personal websites.Just move the BlogFile PHP file to a Web server and the blog installer will start when the user first accesses it.A

  • Slimblog 15-02-2014

    SlimBlog was built using technologies like the Slim framework, Eloquent (Laravel's built-in ORM), Twig and Bootstrap.It is a very minimal blogging engine, concerned only with letting users write their posts and immediately publishing it online.SlimBl

  • Blogotext

    BlogoText is what WordPress used to be. A small system where users log in, write their article and publish it online. No support for static pages, no complex sidebar widgets, no plugins, no menu manager. Just a plain' old blogging platform, as it use

  • Mini Blog 1.1

    Comparing Mini Blog to WordPress is like comparing a blender with the Death Star.Mini Blog includes only the absolutely necessary publishing tools to add your content and making it appear on the site. No extra features like a media library, widgets o

  • Phalcon Eye Blog Module 0.1.0

    This small module for Phalcon Eye will add a different content type, different from the classic page, which can be used to organize and record the blog's articles.To install, just place the Phalcon Eye Blog Module folder in the CMS's "/app/modules/"

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