• Gelato Cms 0.95 / 1.0 ALPHA

    gelato CMS provides a finely shaped Tumblr clone which allows publishers to run a Tumblog from their own servers.This gives them more fine-tuning options over the content and the platform's performance and uptime. Here are some key features of "gelat

  • Openblog Mini 1.0

    OpenBlog mini allows users to focus on news publishing instead of complicated layouts or nifty admin panels.It's very minimalistic and currently only allows admins to add new content, and edit it later. Here are some key features of "OpenBlog mini":&

  • Drukkar 1.10

    Drukkar is a very lightweight PHP blogging engine for easily posting new content online.It doesn't rely on a database engine, but stores all content inside local XML files.Drukkar may not be New York Times' choice of technology but it can easily be u

  • Statamic 1.4.2

    Statamic is a simple static site generator, with support for blogging features.It uses templated layouts to assemble the user's desired content inside nicely crafted static HTML pages.For interested developers, Statatic comes in two licensing models,

  • 11in1 1.2.1

    Besides the basic authoring package, it also provides an easy way to automatically share new content on various social networks, making it ideal for the modern blogger. Here are some key features of "11in1":· Admin dashboard· Easy to instal

  • Staticdimension 1.4

    It's a complete platform that generates a blog as static HTML pages. Here are some key features of "staticDimension":· Manage blog posts· Manage static pages· Admin panel· Easy installer· Markdown to style text· Settings

  • Blogneasy 0.9

    The platform was especially developed for smaller blogs that don't have thousands of posts.For that, more advanced solutions like WordPress, Habari or NibbleBlog are recommended.BlogNEasy was initially a blog module for the LightNEasy CMS, but now ca

  • Sweetrice 1.3.4

    Can be used from building simple personal weblogs, to advanced complex news press centers. Here are some key features of "SweetRice":· Graphic installer· Multi-database support· Categories· Comments moderation· Backup utility

  • Pritlog 0.821

    The Full version works with SQLite, while the Light version uses static plain text files. Installation:Download, unzip and upload to a web server.It will work out of the box. Default user/password is admin/password. Here are some key features of "Pri

  • Second Crack

    Second Crack reads Markdown files placed inside a folder and renders out HTML content out of them. Even if it might look complex to setup, installation instructions are provided with the included README file. Here are some key features of "Second Cra

  • Pluxml 5.1.7

    PluXml is written in PHP and stores content in XML files. Here are some key features of "PluXml":· Graphic installer· Admin panel· Login system· Content manager (blog posts and static pages)· Plugin manager· User managem

  • Laguna

    Uses templates to render out pages/posts/articles and static files to store content as plain text. Here are some key features of "Laguna":· Save content locally as .txt files· Admin backend· Password protected· Easy to style·

  • Php Microblog Pro 3.3.0

    Easy to install and use, allows users to keep blogs with content like simple thoughts to more complex news items or reviews. Here are some key features of "PHP MicroBlog Pro":· Easy installation· Easy post creation and editing· WYSIWYG

  • Php Microblog Basic 1.0.1

    Allows an user to write his thoughts and publish them online. Here are some key features of "PHP MicroBlog Basic":· Manage user details· Manage categories· Add/edit posts· Automated installer· Admin panel Requirements:·

  • Open Journal Systems 2.3.8 / 2.4.2

    Open Journal Systems (OJS) assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through to online publication and indexing.OJS's main area of interest is to develop and enhance the way research journals are managed and publis

  • Livestreet 1.0.3

    The blog was built on top of the Smarty PHP framework, for easy and fast content management.By default it comes with two built-in color schemes and translated in Russian and English. Here are some key features of "LiveStreet":· Graphic installer

  • Mango 0.8

    To post content, just add it to a Markdown file and it will automatically be published to the site.Unlike popular blogging platforms like Hamachi, WordPress or Chirp, Mango does not provide a web interface to add content, but simply goes over Markdow

  • Travelog

    Travelog was built on top of the Kohana PHP framework. Here are some key features of "Travelog":· Travel planner· Journal entries· Manage trips· Manage trip locations· Google Maps integration· Picassa integration Limitat

  • Nlog

    The engine is built on an MVC structure, with PHP and using MySQL as a data storage engine.A sample blog is included with the download package. Here are some key features of "NLOG":Pages and uses:· - authorisation· -

  • Mblog v0.3.2

    To install, create a directory somewhere on the server then set $directory in index.php to that directory.Then to make a new post, simply write an HTML file in that directory.index.php lists all of the files in $directory, sorts them and then prints

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