• Passwordlesslogin 1.0

    Without complicating itself with storing, encrypting, and dealing with any type of passwords, the PasswordLessLogin class is an alternative to classic user login systems.The way this class works is very simple. When a user will try to login, he must

  • Php Login & User Management v1.0

    The PHP Login & User Management script can be used to protect a website's resources by restricting user access based on login status or permission levels.The script can be used in two ways, based on what the developer needs to protect and the complex

  • The Php-login Project March 1st 2014

    The author behind The PHP-LOGIN project was driven by the plethora of insecure and old (mainly PHP 4.x) tutorials and scripts on the Internet these days.Because almost all of these PHP login scripts are currently out-dated and out of touch with curre

  • Scanasyoutype

    ScanAsYouType is a way to let other persons log in on your Web account for a limited amount of time.Just select the desired service, fill in username and password details, select the desired authenticated session period and generate the badge.The bad

  • Fireauth

    fireauth will help CodeIgniter developers authenticate users safely on their app or website.The plugin uses the PHPass public domain password hashing framework and comes with plenty of installation instructions. Requirements:· CodeIgniter

  • Backdoor

    The "Backdoor" system allows users or admins alike to authenticate on the site without actually typing in a password for the desired account.While dirty minds might think of this as a way to hack into a site, Backdoor was created for debugging purpos

  • Loginradius Php Sdk

    The LoginRadius SDK for PHP allows developers to have a user login/register system based on social IDs provided by other services. The SDK provides a simple interface to LoginRadius' API for retrieving settings and customizations made to a LoginRadiu

  • Gauthify-php 1.27

    GAuthify-PHP is a wrapper for the REST is a Web service that provides an SMS and email 2-factor authentication system based on Google Authenticator.Google Authenticator is a service from Google for enrolling in a 2-step

  • Fb Login

    FB Login allows a developer to authenticate users on his site using their Facebook credentials.All authentication operations are handled via Facebook, requiring minimal resources on the developer's side. Requirements:· Facebook account and app c

  • Authmanager 3.0

    Can be used to integrate with another PHP app, providing an easy to use, complex-built PHP authentication system. Here are some key features of "AuthManager":· Keep user logins in logs· Email templates· Multi-lingual· Admin panel&

  • Tmhoauth 0.7.5

    OAuth is an open standard for authorization, used with many renowned web services around, like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc..Even if the OAuth 1.0A standard has been deprecated for version 2.0, most sites still use it. Requirements:· PHP 5.1.2

  • Opauth 0.4.3

    Works with stand-alone PHP and frameworks like Yii, Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter and CakePHP. Here are some key features of "Opauth":Supported services:· LinkedIn· Google· Twitter· Facebook· OpenID· OAuth· GitHub·

  • Browserid Login With Php

    BrowserID is a secure, multibrowser website authentication mechanism developed by Mozilla.The library will allow websites and web-based apps to authenticate users against the BrowserID protocol via PHP.A demo is included with the download package.

  • Facebook Application Helper 1.2.3

    The library is split in two, a server side part (in PHP) and a client side part (JavaScript). Here are some key features of "Facebook Application Helper":· Connect Facebook users to your application and save their access tokens via AJAX in your

  • Simple Session Solution 5.5

    Provides a simple way to start and end sessions.Also contains a timeout mechanism.Manipulates session data via GET and POST strings to ensure universal access to various site sections.This system uses GET and POST because cookies are either unsafe, o

  • Lib_oauth

    Only works with the older version of OAuth, 1.0a, so it can only be used for apps not yet updated to OAuth2. Here are some key features of "lib_oauth":· Flickr compatibility· POST support· cURL support Requirements:· PHP 4 only

  • Blocking Access To The Login Page After Three Unsuccessful Login Attempts

    The script will automatically prevent users from accessing the login page after 3 failed authentication requests. Can be easily embedded into any live website or more complex CMS.An example is provided with the download package.

  • Foursquare-async

    The PHP library uses the Foursquare version 2 API.Simple tests are included in the download package.It basically means that users can be allowed on a website using their Foursquare credentials.

  • Twitter-async

    Basically, the library is a wrapper for Twitter's OAuth API, with support for asynchronous calls.It lets the programmer easily integrate with Twitter's REST API using either basic authentication or OAuth.Simple tests are included in the download pack

  • Free Php Members Area Script

    It will locks access to preset pages if the user has not registered or authenticated on the site.User credentials are all stored in a MySQL database.Installation instructions are provided in the download package. Here are some key features of "FREE P

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