• Php-long-polling

    For years, developers have written AJAX applications that at various time intervals request new data from the server to update the client's website with new content.This model doesn't only affect performance on the server by having the server constan

  • Jquery-php 0.8.3

    The library provides a way to bridge jQuery's DOM manipulation features with PHP's power.Also comes with extensive support for manipulating AJAX requests.The library can also be easily integrated with the Zend Framework. Requirements:· PHP

  • Json/xml-rpc Client And Server Implementations /

    This allows Ajax developers to cleanly send and receive data from the server.The server side is written in PHP, while the client side is JavaScript.The client allows for asynchronous as well as synchronous calls.The server library allows developers t

  • Anaa

    Anaa is a the acronym for "An Ajax API". It is a complete Ajax library written in JavaScript with functions to load and save data from and to the server. The Anaa's code is easy to understand and to extend. It may work with PHP or other backends. Loa

  • Web 2.0 Ajax Loading Panel 4.0

    It is possible to separate the function that creates the a cool modal semi-transparent loading effect of a website (and many others, as well) from the XmlHTTPRequest function, so it could be used with other AJAX engines or for other purpose

  • Flexible Ajax Framework 0.2.2

    Flexible Ajax is a handler to combine the remote scripting technology, also known as AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), with a php-based backend. Basically, Flexible Ajax is the tool to call php functions from within javascript and handle the re

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