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  • Fastamazon

    It uses Amazon’s Product Advertising SOAP and API to retrieve product data and display it on the user's website. Here are some key features of "fastAmazon":· Easy to Setup and use· Fully Templated, change the header and footer for quick a

  • Affiliate Feed

    It converts a data feed into a MySQL database and creates a fully functional store.The store will have included an affiliate selection, categories, full text searching, a complete back end administration area to support data feed updates, database fu

  • Incentives Script

    This built in referral system is for users to tell there friends about "a product" which in return gets them money.The script runs similar to websites like or Here are some key features of "Incentives Script":· Templa

  • Referrer Logger 1.0.0

    A simple flat file PHP referrer logger.Simply stores URL referrals in a text file for simple and easy reading.Installation - To install simply upload the log-referrer.php and refers.txt file. On some webhosts and setups you may have to CHMOD refers.t

  • Php Amazon Shop

    With Amazon Shop you can run your very own fully functional shop without dealing with stock, payments etc... just setup an Amazon Associate account, install the 'Amazon Shop' script using the easy installation file and your ready to go! support, sele

  • Elitius 1.0

    eLitius has powerful, user-friendly features that will help you track and manage your affiliates. Features: - Easy (and even FREE!) installation - Easy startup for beginners - Fully customizable (only simple html knowledge needed) - Smarty Template s

  • Andy-amazon-searcher

    Andy-Amazon-Searcher helps your visitors search in the amazon-database in a comfortable way.Features: - With this free php-script your visitors have the possibility of searching for books in the database of without loading a new page (use

  • Allthetraffic Supersurf 2.0

    AllTheTraffic SuperSurf allows you to increase the traffic on your website.Features:- 4:3 visits ratio - Get 100 free visit points just for signing up - Gold membership at $0.30 (1:1 ratio, lower surfing time) - Add your advertising forever for $1 -

  • Affiliate Pro 3.2

    Affiliate pro is professional PHP affiliate software that has advanced features to build professional network of webmasters selling your products, goods, membership subscription, or services. Main task of our affiliate script is tracking of leads, cl

  • Affiliate Script

    This PHP MySQL script has taken running an affiliate program from your website to the next level! It is very easy to install. And The use of MySQL will securely keep your user's information confidential, and keeps excellent track of all commissions e

  • Referral Site Script 1.0.1

    The Referral Site Script allows you to setup your own user membership site where people can publish their website and pay users to sign up on it. On the reverse side, users can register on the website and then be paid to sign up on the offers of othe

  • Web Ring Php

    This is your chance to cash in on the popularity of webring websites. This is not an affiliate program, this is a 100% hand coded!  The website utilizes state-of-the-art programming that is easy to use for beginners or advanced Internet users. W

  • Bettymills

    This PHP script processes the data feed offered by the affiliate program and displays it on your site. This script is being offered for FREE to any BettyMills affiliate who signs up as a sub-affiliate of an account. As an affiliat

  • Free Affiliates Tracking Script

    This free script allows your affiliates to sign up, get links, change their details and retrieve lost passwords. It includes a banners manager, an admin 'control-panel' page and a stats page. It's basic but functional!Script Features: - Handles full

  • Affiliate Manager

    Allow your current clients to market your products and services for you! Using an affiliate program gives your existing customers a way to promote your products while receiving compensation for their efforts. Affiliate Manager makes it easy for

  • Affiliate Program For Oscommerce 2.1 And 2.2

    Affiliate Program for osCommerce 2.1 and 2.2 is based on a pay-per-purchase and/or pay-per-click basis. It is free for all Affiliates and very easy to use. Features:Affiliate Functionality: - Language pack - Security update - We have added and update

  • Forced Matrix 3.6.0

    Forced Matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate can refer. As a result, you, as an affiliate, are inclined to sign up as there are affiliates before you who will help you develop your downline and fill up you

  • Omnistar Affiliate

    Omnistar Affiliate is PHP web based affiliate software used by businesses to manage their own affiliate software solutions. Using the affiliate tracking software, administrators can setup multiple programs and upload banners so affiliates can sign up

  • Therandomizer 3.7

    TheRandomizer is a unique cash randomizer script, which enables you to run your own fully featured turnkey affiliate site system.The system allows you to offer a paid membership to your users, which will give them the possibility to create an account

  • Haziq Affiliate 2.1

    Haziq Affiliate allows you to start an affiliate program for your product or service.Features:User - having own website - update profile - total clickthrough and details - total sales and details - total commision from level 1 to level 4 and details

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