Php Realtor v1.6.1

Easy maintainable from any web browser, no coding or FTP knowledge is required, due to a very intuitive admin interface.
Visitors can browse, search, sort, and view details on available properties 24 hours a day 365 days a year from the comfort of their web browser.
PHP Realtor is for anyone whose in the business of selling any type of property.
With the ability to have an unlimited number of types each with there own completely customizable features/options admins can quickly and easily setup the program right from the admin interface.
Here are some key features of "PHP Realtor":
· Video support for both local and YouTube
· Complete support for all the changes in PHP 5.3
· Thumbnail Carousel Display
· New improved lightbox effects
· TinyMCE as an optional text editor
· New improved category menu
· Support for private label/branding.
· File Upload Support (PDF, Doc, Etc.)
· SMTP and HTML Email Support
· Modal windows replace popups
· Supports up to 24 images per listing
· Support for Google Maps /realtor
· Support for Google Analytics /realtor
· Basic WYSIWYG editor for description field /realtor
· Automatically write Sold/Pending over images
· Upgraded installer checks for requirements and your config settings
· Easy Installation with database setup script
· Password protected admin interface.
· Online Administration with only a web browser.
· Automatic thumbnail creation and image resizing (JPG)
· Images stored as files NOT in the database
· Supports sub categories 5 levels deep
· Completely customizable features/options.
· Support for multiple property types each with their own features/options.
· Refer to a Friend feature.
· Ask sales a question feature.
· Sale Pricing
· Templates for easy customization or integration.
· Language file for translation.
· Built in Search
· View by category, search, specials.
· Sort by city, bedrooms, bathrooms, price.
· Page Spanning.
· Latest listings on home page.
· Random Sale listings on home page.
· Large image option.
· Ability to delete individual images
· PHP 4.3 or higher
· GD Library 2 or higher
· FreeType Support
· IonCube
What's New in This Release:
· PHP 5.3 Compatible All deprecated functions replaced and the admin changed to work with new "max_file_uploads" php setting.
· Added support for both local and youtube video.
· Added tinymce as a wysiwyg choice for textareas.
· Added wysiwyg to custom textarea's.
· Added thumbnail carousel
· Removed thumnail i-frame -Replaced by carousel.
· Added menu bar to add/edit listings.
· Added Image Manager page in admin.
· Added File upload manager in admin.
· Added Video manager in admin.
· Added password recovery
· Added full currency options in config
· Changed modal image window to new lightbox.
· Changed Ask Question to new lightbox.
· Changed Send to Friend to new lightbox.
· Changed Payment Calc to new lightbox.
· Removed old modal window files.
· Replaced slider menu with a better version.
· Prevented Sold listings from displaying on the home page latest and specials.
· Corrected foreach error in details.php when there are no custom fields.
· Added if structure to each foreach to prevent errors when count = 0
· Corrected image renaming to allow file names that have more than one period. (a.b.c.jpg)
· Replaced depricated eregi functions
· Removed calls to the deprecated magic_quotes functions.
· Replace decprecated split() calls in phpmailer.
· Removed Zend version.
· Function files are no longer binary files. They can now be uploaded normally.

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