Php Hotel Site Advanced v2.3.3

It is a modern script for hotel owners to build a website where clients can make reservations for free available rooms.
Here are some key features of "PHP Hotel Site Advanced":
General Features:
· Hotel management
· Rooms and Room Types management
· Default and weekly day prices for rooms
· Bookings management and history
· Bookings statistics
· Admins/Customers management
· News module
· Gallery module
· Contact Us module
· Powerful Administrator Control Panel
· CMS for pages with WYSIWYG
· Multi-Language support
· Multi-Currency support
· Dynamic price calculation
· Customers registration and login
· Confirmation to members for a booking
· PayPal payments and On-line orders
· Embedded CSS styles
Administration Panel:
· Protected with password security and accessed from anywhere in web
· Manage admins and customers account details
· Manage hotel rooms and room types
· Manage rooms availability
· Manage languages
· Manage site settings and statistics
· Manage bookings and payments
· Add new pages, modify existing pages or delete existing
· etc.
Customers Account:
· Mange account info
· Manage current and previous bookings
· Search for available rooms
· PHP 5 or higher
· MySQL 4.1 or higher

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