Php Hosting Directory v2.0

PHP Hosting Directory allows you to start own web hosting directory. This is a script based on PHP and mySQL that will allow you to build your own hosting directory from scratch.

It's simple and easy to setup, and can easily be adjusted using your own custom template. There are separate template files for the script and it is easily customizable. The script is made using mod_rewrite function for better search engine result.

- Categories (Add the type of categories for the directory)
- Hosts (Review & Manage listings of the hosts within the directory)
- Advertising (Add advertisements to the directory)
- Services (Manage the service options for hosting plans)
- Auto-approved (Disable/Enable approval of hosts automatically)
- Approved plans (Management of previously approved plans)
- Pending plans (Approve pending plan submissions)
- Current Reviews (Management of previously approved reviews)
- Pending Reviews (Approve pending reviews)
- Backup DB (Download database backups)
- Restore DB (Restored database backups)
- Backup logos (Backup logo graphics)
- Restore logos (Restore logo graphics)
- Prices (Manage pricing plans for premium advertisement accounts)
- Orders (Management of orders placed for advertisements)
- Mass email (Management of newsletter system to all registered hosts)
- Config (Management of Payment systems)
- Paypal
- Storm Pay
- INTGold
· PHP 4 or 5
· MySQL 4
· mod_rewrite enabled
· .htaccess support

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