Photoshop Grids vv0.1

The pack contains PSD files with grid layout templates for iPad, iPhone, and Desktop screens. Here are some key features of "Photoshop Grids":
· All grids based on 12 columns.
· Gutters are on the large size, ranging from 44% - 57% of column width.
· Outer gutters built in. (1024px-wide iPad landscape grid has a content area of 968px)
iPad Landscape:
· 1024x768
· Columns: 55px
· Gutters: 28px
iPad Portrait:
· 768x1024
· Columns: 38px
· Gutters: 22px
iPhone Portrait:
· 640x960
· Columns: 36px
· Gutters: 16px
Desktop Standard:
· 972px wide
· Columns: 55px
· Gutters: 24px
· 1144px wide
· Columns: 65px
· Gutters: 28px
IAB-Friendly (and slightly wide):
· 1100px
· Columns: 65px
· Gutters: 20px
Email Standard:
· 8 Columns
· 640px wide
· Columns: 60px
· Gutters: 20px
· Adobe Photoshop
What's New in This Release:
· Initial release.

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