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Real Estate solution is an optimal solution for starting online business site if you’re a real estate company, a real estate broker, realty agent or a real-estate professional.

The product is convenient for all site members, as well for site administrator:
Smart interface
Professional design
Elaborate Administration system which doesn’t require any specific knowledge - almost all site areas can be managed from there

Real Estate Solution has a customizable structure and can be easily set to satisfy your demand.Features
- Property and client management
- Search Options There are 4 property search options available: “looking to sell”, “looking to lease”, “looking to buy” and “looking to rent”. You can turn off options "looking buy" and "looking to rent", if you plan to launch a site for an individual realtor or Real Estate company that is a site providing its visitors with only property for sale and property for lease. The search is made by means of 7 parameters: kind of operation (buy, sell), property type (apartment complex, beach property and so on), location (country, state/region, city), number of bedrooms, with/without photos, move date, price. Search results are sorted out by: move date, price, publication date and other parameters. Also there’s Advanced search option that helps to find the necessary property by means of mentioning of all the search parameters.
- Multiple listing service compatibility The possibility of your site connection to any multiple listing service organizations such as IDX, MLS, SIA and other (on request).
- Property type The site represents 41 property type: starting with mobile home and apartment and finishing with island. You can either broaden it or limit via administration panel.
- Property description Detailed property description via different characteristics: live and total square footage, floor number and total number of floors, minimal distance to the subway, furnished or not, price variants etc. 28 types of accommodations: balcony/deck, billiards room, canalization, grill and so on. 19 types of appliances. For example: Air conditioning, Alarm Clock, Blender, CD Player. 18 types of activities available in the neighborhood. Among them boating, cycling , fishing , golf , hiking , horseback riding. 18 types of environment, surroundings as for example: beach service (available), disability access, fitness center, golf nearby, high-rise buildings , lake view and so on.
- People description If you lease the property you can set the requirements for your future tenants, such as, age, gender, orientation, pets, material state tolerance to smoke, drinking, drugs . It goes without saying, you can set all these characteristics to a future buyer if you sell some exclusive property. If you have a database of users, you will be able to import it.
- Photo, video, maps You can add video and photo to a listing. Having set the exact address of the property, you will be able to view it on Yahoo Maps.
- View variants that match your criteria Once you have created your own listing, you can use the option "View variants that match your criteria" and get a list of results according to your listing requirements.
- The period or the listing to stay active You can set the time period when your listing will be active starting from some definite date. Let’s say you sell the house from the May, 1. If the listing is not actual anymore, you can make it inactive or remove.
- How to contact you Every listing contains contact phone number. Members can also make use of internal mailbox system and online contact forms.
- View Statistics for your listings You can track the statistics for your listings and see who viewed your listings, who browsed your profile, added you to Hot List or got interested in you. Also, there’s a Black List option to get rid of officious

- Notifications
- Members’ notifications In order to make your company customers remember about you, there are 4 system notifications by email: 'Congratulation on registration with the login details', 'Possible matches found alert', 'There is a new message in your mailbox alert', 'Someone viewed your profile alert', 'Someone interested in your listing alert'.
- Administrator’s notifications You will receive system notifications by email informing of: account deactivation with reason provided, online contact form submission (users’ improvement suggestion), members complaints submission.

- Site Administration
- Users section Users management: you can add, import, deactivate users, move them to paid or free group. Administrator can view the statistics for their activity: registration information, correspondence, listing addition, payments made.
- Payments If you use the system as Real Estate portal with FSBO/Flat Fee listings website services, you can view the info on the users’ payments: how much were added to the account, what services have been paid for. You can set the period and the cost of the paid service – membership fee. You can grant different permissions for paid and free users, setup the payment system to receive payments from your users.
- Content management The system has 99 parameters for property description, people description is made by means of 42 parameters. You can modify the questions and the w3ay, number an? variants of answers. You can modify the sections from ‘About us’ up to ‘Help’.In the Bad Words section you can set the words that will be prohibited in your members’ correspondence. All the pages are SEO friendly for search engines indexation.
- Multi languages support The system supports multiple languages. If you want your site to operate a few languages, you can easily setup this and translate all the menus and future site content: add new languages to your web site easily using administration panel, set one or more default languages, edit existing languages, create and post tips for your site users.
- Site settings You can choose one of the site operation modes: a separate realtor or real estate agent/broker, a Real Estate company with any number of agents, a webmaster (Real Estate portal) providing FSBO/Flat Fee listings website services. While the site operation mode is changed, all the info is saved and is quickly restored. You can set the paths for uploads, the number of elements displayed per page, the size of the displayed pictures on the pages, types of system notifications and so on.

· PHP Version 4.3 and above
· Apache Web Server
· MySQL Server (localhost)
· Zend Optimizer (for Real Estate Basic License)

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