This is an ActiveX control which allows programmers to execute ping and traceroute operations and easily retrieve results and statistics.

Additionally, this control also has the capability to resolve hostnames to TCP/IP addresses, and TCP/IP address to hostnames.
The control is very information rich and contains 5 methods, over 35 properties and 2 events.
This control is suitable to be used in any environment which can host ActiveX controls such as Visual Basic, Visual C , IIS/ASP, VBScript, JScript, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Borland Delphi to mention a few.

The Ping and Traceroute ActiveX Control implements Ping and Traceroute functionality based on ICMP echo requests. Additionally, this control allows you to resolve hostnames to TCP/IP addresses and TCP/IP address to hostnames. 

- Ping function
- Traceroute function
- Ping continuous function
- Resolves hostnames to TCP/IP addresses
- Resolves TCP/IP addresses to hostnames
- Information rich with over 35 properties
- 2 events to provide continuous feedback during ping and traceroute operations
- Ping response time statistics (Maximum time, minimum time, average time)
- Special ASP mode can be activated to automatically convert typical CR/LF (carriage return and line feed) to the HTML equivalent of BR

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