Perl→Web Traffic Analysis

  • Website Hit Counter

    This can be used to build a traffic analysis tool that will help webmasters interpret and analyze the way users access and use the website.

  • Web Counter

    It is under 100 lines of code and can be used for as many URLs as needed.

  • Very Simple Counter

    It creates an unique count file for each page that the script is posted on.

  • User Fingerprints V1.2

    It will gather information about access dates, IP addresses, browser type, processor, JavaScript disabled, screen dimensions, color depth and referrer. What's New in This Release: · Fixed lots of typos and filename errors that probably annoyed p

  • Text Counter

    It can be used for web traffic analysis to follow the number and way users follow a website.

  • Simple Web Counter 1.1

    It was built using Perl and comes with extensive documentation in the download package.It uses text to render the counter, instead of images. Limitations:· It counts only page loads, and not unique visitors.

  • Simple Counter

    It records all the total number of users that have visited the page, the last five hits, the IPs, browsers and referrers.All of these informations are presented on a statistics page.

  • Perl Multiple File Upload

    It also preserves the original file names, eliminating the use of temporary names and disk space.The script works from a single web form.

  • Ipcounter

    The IP address/host is kept in the log only one day, so he will be recounted the following day.

  • Improved Ip Address Logger

    This tool can be used as a building block for creating even more traffic analysis tools.The script loads with the page and stores the visitors IP address acquired from the client-server connection.

  • Icount

    It also keep a log of the date/time, IP, and host name for visiting user.The counter is hidden behind an image displayed on the website.

  • Hit Counter That Saves To A Text Database

    Thanks to the embed tag, the tracker won't be shown on the HTML page.

  • Download Hit Tracker Lite 1.0

    If the view tag is on, the script returns the counter hit value.A data file locking feature is included to prevent common counter errors.

  • Donnervogel "smart" Picture Counter

    It will count all users visiting a webpage and store the data inside a text file.The script will then parse the number and replace with images every cifre.A standard image pack is provided. For different stylings, the user can replace the graphics fo

  • Datalog

    The script must be set up as the start page of the website.After acquiring and storing the data inside a filename called datalog.dat, the script will then redirect the visitors to the real index page (set in the script settings).

  • Counter

    The script requires for the admin to create a visits.txt file in the same folder where the script is stored.The numer of hits will be stored inside that file.t is fully commented and fairly simple to understand.

  • Perl Hit Counter

    IT will show how many times a page has been viewed. Limitations:· Processes strings inside the script. Does not use the script.· Multiple hits at the same time will not be counted.

  • Bandwidth Monitor

    It uses Apache to track the user on the website.It is similar to what C-panel and Plesk are offering in the admin windows.

  • Report Magic 2.21

    Report Magic makes usable statistics from your web site log file analysis. Features and Benefits: - Illustrative line, bar and pie charts allow you to analyze trends and quickly interpret information. - Descriptions on each report help you understand

  • Advanced Statistical Counter

    Advanced Statistical Counter is an invisible hit counter that collects statistical data from visitors.Features: - Search engine terms summary, (a list of terms used in search engines that led users to your site.) - Page by page hit count summary, (fi

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