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  • Birdcast 2.2

    BIRDCAST is a very simple, yet powerful script that you can use to help promote your site. It features:  - Text area entry for the reader to send a personal note with the e-mail. - Automatic page recognition (FULL URL!) and automatic return to t

  • Mcg Top Sites 1.0

    MCG Top Sites script is old school web promotion. Features IP based cheat protection, auto list reset (without cron), 100% dynamic. General Functions & Features: - Individually control each account. - IP based cheat protection. Only log unique c

  • Friendreferer

    It allows visitors who visit your website to refer friends to your site easily. The script provides a thanks page and a button that will return them to the exact page they refered their friend from automatically. Requirements:· unix/linux/freebs

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