It can be used on programs to which the developer doesn't have access to the source code.Can be a very helpful piece of code for finding buffer overflows.

  • Filter

    It works the same as piping multiple instances of grep into each other or building a complex anded/ored regexp for grep.The developer can specify any number of fixed strings, prefixed by +, - or : and any number of regular expressions prefixed by ++,

  • Replace

    It replaces the original text with the substitution expression (or it works on standard-in if no files are named).

  • Base Converter

    It handles converting from any base between 2-16 and then show the resulting base 10 (decimal) conversion.

  • Append Extensions To Files

    It will parse the content of a folder and append the desired extension to all files found inside.

  • Apache Log Search

    All input is done via STDIN (CLI).

  • Wi-spy Csv Conversion

    Perl script to convert WSR files to a CSV format.

  • Random Number Generator

    Bottom and top limits can be defined for the general number pool.The result of this script can be parsed and used by other more complex and more effective scripts or applications.

  • Print File In Hex Format

    The code was written with Unix Emacs, but should work with any Perl interpreter on any platform.

  • Metatag Generator

    This is mainly for applications looking to assist customers in creating cut-and-paste meta-tags.

  • Easily Incorporate Config Files In Your Scripts

    Script settings can be set and used from an external configuration file.

  • Detect Wap Phone

    It can be used for mobile website development.

  • Cgi File Upload (with Filename Acquisition)

    The script will automatically take the original name and use it with the file, ignoring temporary or alternate names used by other applications.If the developer wants to force a name through the script, the code can be easily modified to do so.

  • Cgi Execute Work-around

    The majority of SSI (Server Side Includes) hosts restrict the use of the CGI 'execute' command.This snippet provides a way, using a JavaScript and image tag, to execute the CGI script each time the web page is displayed.

  • Automate Periodic Downloads Or Released Files And Packages

    It can be used to routinely download data from a link, retrieve updates, retrieve data and more.If an existing URL is being passed that is already on disk, the option --overwrite must be supplied to allow overwriting old files.

  • Random Bigint Generator

    It can be used in advanced security systems or cryptography.

  • Formhaq

    It needs an URL as an input, and will output form fields, comments and form details. Limitations:· Considers 100 lines of JavaScript a comment, can be annoying if you are not expecting it.

  • Checks Given Files For Date Matches

    This script can be used in checking file modifications, date adjustment, database corrections and more.

  • A Split Function

    The user needs only to supply an input string and the breaking parameter.

  • A Simple Base10 To Base2

    It will not show the leading zeroes.

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