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  • Perl Elasticsearch Client 1.05

    Perl Elasticsearch Client sets up a basic interface for searching and indexing content inside Perl-based projects using the well-known and widely-used ElasticSearch search engine.This library is an officially supported ElasticSearch client.Other offi

  • Ack 2.04

    ack is a full blown text search engine written in Perl, but packed with features that make it ideal for searching code repositories.Works similarly to *NIX's grep tool. Here are some key features of "ack":· Cross-platform support· Ignores n

  • Www-search-msn 0.0106

    It's an interface for performing and retrieving search results from, now known as Bing.It just retrieves search results for passed strings. What's New in This Release: · Making sure we do the right thing, when a possibly no

  • Www-search-aol 0.0103

    Written as a Perl module, it provides a searching interface for just retrieves search results for passed strings. What's New in This Release: · Updated to the recent markup as returned by· Updated to

  • Webservice-solr 0.10

    It provides a fully-fledged Perl API to Solr. What's New in This Release: · Added spellcheck() convenience method to Response object.· Fixed exception when response contained no documents.

  • Webservice-lucene 0.10

    It provides a fully-fledged Perl API to Lucene. What's New in This Release: · Repackaged with a new version of Module::Install.


    It will scan them recursively without repeating the search on the same file.

  • Www-crawler-lite 0.003

    It can be used within a mod_perl, CGI or Catalyst-style environment because it does not fork or use threads.The callback-based interface is fast and simple, allowing you to focus on simply processing the data that WWW::Crawler::Lite extracts from the

  • Wb Spider

    When given a link, it will follow every link, scanning HTML code for the use of CGI scripts.After it has gone over all available links, it will report every CGI used on the web site. 

  • Mohawk Search Engine

    It is able to log queries and IP addresses from where the query came from. Limitations:· No results pagination.

  • Perl Crawler

    The script basically outputs all the links present in a website.

  • Easy Search System 1.1

    It can index cgi, php, asp and many other web page formats.The user can search on or more terms on a time, or even accross several websites.Installation:Copy all files and dirs (except "i" folder) files to your cgi-bin directory.Then install the exec

  • Webglimpse

    Webglimpse site search software includes a web administration interface, remote link spider, and the powerful Glimpse file indexing and query system. Add sophisticated search capability to your site. Webglimpse is scalable: index one small local site

  • Website Indexing And Searching Script

    This sophisticated, powerful, versatile, customizable and effective site indexing/searching suite comes as a pair of distinct scripts. The indexer automatically scans and indexes a web site, and the search engine, a cgi script that serves search quer

  • Black Widow Search Engine Spider

    Black Widow Search Engine Spider is an internal website spidering utility.Blackwidow spider engine will index your entire web server and create an ASCII output file of urls. Explores subdirectory structures. URL database is 100% compatible with explo

  • Namazu 2.0.17

    Namazu is a full-text search engine intended for easy use. Not only does it work as a small or medium scale Web search engine, but also as a personal search system for email or other files. For searching a great amount of documents quickly, Namazu ma

  • Automatic Doorway Blaster

    This amazing script creates realistic, highly effective, search engine optimized pages within seconds/minutes. Automatic Doorway Blaster can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website!Features: - Configure the script according to your need. - P

  • Apb Search Pro 3.2

    APB Search Pro is a fully customizable site indexing and searching system. It has been developed to be powerfull with lots of features but easy to instal and use. Search script returns fast and accurate results with a 100% customizable output layout.

  • Engine-modules

    Engine-Modules Advanced MetaSearch main pack usually comes with a number of engine-modules (data-sources). You can (optionally) add more engine-modules any time if necessary. Adding an additional engine takes only a few seconds. Just upload and it is

  • Odp

    ODP is a powerful tool for creating a comprehensive web catalogue and search engine with minimal resources. Currently ODP is powering tens of thousands of web sites. This is achieved by retrieving real time data from the biggest web catalogue, dmoz.o

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