• Scientific Programme Management System 9_1_20

    Scientific Programme Management System (SPMS) was specifically tailored for accelerator conferences, and can be used by laboratories, universities and any other scientific institutes. Here are some key features of "Scientific Programme Management Sys

  • Bioperl 1.6.901

    BioPerl was developed to process biological data in Perl.It's a tool for exploring Perl's possibilities in the bioinformatics world. What's New in This Release: · Use of AcePerl is deprecated; isn't actively maintained, and modules using

  • Statistics-r 0.06

    It can be used in various PC architectures and OSs.The module practically starts an R interpreter and allows Perl commands to be run on the processed data.It supports executing multiple Perl processes at once.

  • Ergatis v2r12b1

    It contains pre-built components for common bioinformatics analysis tasks.These components can be arranged graphically to form highly-configurable pipelines. Each analysis component supports multiple output formats, including the Bioinformatic Sequen

  • Kegg2sbml 1.5.0

    The Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) is an XML-based description language for representing computational models in systems biology and bio-informatics.KEGG2SBML's capabilities are currently limited to converting only KEGG Metabolic Pathway file

  • Temperature Converter

    It works with Celsius and Fahrenheit.

  • Moving Averages

    The user needs to enter the first "x" numbers, the script shifting the obsolete value off the front and a new one on the end.

  • M2kms

    This is a command line tool, for users needing a quick conversion between the two measuring scales.

  • Decimal To Hex Convertor

    This is a command line interface tool.

  • Greatest Common Divisor (recursive)

    The script uses a recursing and Euclidean algorithm to solve the problem.

  • Greatest Common Divisor (looping)

    This version uses a loop and the Euclidean slgorithm to solve the problem.

  • Equation Program Creater

    It's a useful program in handling dynamically generated equations by other scripts.

  • Decimal To Hex Base Conversion

    This script is already implemented into Perl through the 'sprint f' native tool, which can be difficult to understand to beginning programmers, especially those with no exposure to C/C++.

  • Convert Base X To Base N Numbers

    The script can be used in math operations or number data manipualtion inside many other applications.

  • Base Convertor

    It can handle binary, octo, hex or decimal bases.

  • Simple Fibonacci

    The code consists of only one line.

  • Nexuiz Stats 1.3

    The script can also run under Windows with ActivePerl installed. Here are some key features of "Nexuiz Stats":· Generate static HTML Files· BadWord Filter· OpenSource, so you can simple modify it for your needs· Very Fast and does

  • Frogbot

    Frogbot is an IRC bot written in Perl. It is based on Net::IRC and has about 4,000 lines of code, not including several CPAN modules. At this time, it is not Open Source. Commands are similar to Requests, but may only be invoked by addressing frogbot

  • Mousetracs

    MouseTRACS is a web based laboratory informatics system that electronically records and organizes mouse colony operations, prints cage cards, tracks inventory, manages requests, and reports Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee ( IACUC) protoco

  • Perl Entrez Gene Parser

    This program is a parser that abstract a data structure from a given Entrez Gene record, and users of the parser can decide what to do/extract from the data structure. Perl Entrez Gene Parser project provides Perl parsers for NCBI's Entrez Gene

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