• Spotter 2.3.0

    Spotter is a program that lets students check their answers to math and science questions. It handles symbolic as well as numerical answers.

  • Randomquiz 2.2.12

    Basically, through the use of HTTP cookies, it lets you set up a single text file of questions and answers so that any given student will only get any single question once. The questions are presented in a random order out of the list of questions th

  • Quizgame Program

    This program allows you to setup a quiz game easily. The program has forms for "Multiple Choice" , "Fill In" and "Yes No" questions. The program automatically grades the player's answers.The program keeps all the player's scores and tells them when t

  • Questionnaire Script

    This script allows you to post multiple quizes and surveys on your site. Evaluate the answers; email results to anyone-- every quiz can be different! Whether it's a personality test, an oppinion survey, or a silly quiz this script can handl

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