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  • Quikpoll

    It shows the results using image bar graphs, percentage indicators and the number of votes.

  • Acronym Quiz

    There is a list of 20 questions and a list of possible answers.After the quiz, the script will tell the user the percentage of his right/wrong questions.

  • Photogallery 2.01

    PhotoGallery is a Movable Type plugin for managing a photo gallery.Features - Easy Photo Uploading - Upload photos directly from within Movable Type. Allow Photo Gallery to automatically create all the necessary thumb nails and pages for you automati

  • Online Poll

    Online Poll is a simple online poll taker that could be easily implemented in any website.The following elements are optional and can be used to make the results page blend in better with the rest of your site: - A hidden element named BGCOLOR will s

  • Rankit!

    RankIt! is a piece of software written in perl, php, and using postgresql as the database backend. It is designed to help you create a ranking system for your picture galleries as well as a way to systematically display them on your website

  • Simple Rateit

    SplRateIt was created to be completely customizable, It comes with a password protected admin panel, 4 pre-made rating forms, a view ratings page (all of which can be edited), and the SplRateIt script. It will allow you to rate an entire web site or

  • Bnbsurvey 3.2.2

    BNBSURVEY scrip is a reader survey with instant graph results.

  • Vote 2.1.2

    Vote is a web voting script, which is highly adjustable to your likings. The look of polling interfaces as well as of result pages can be modified by use of html code, to integrate the poll smoothly into the look and feel of your personal site. Vote

  • Poll Script 1.5

    Poll Script allows you to install a simple poll system on your site.Features: - Only one vote recorded per IP address (NOT PROXY friendly) - Can support multiple polls at a time - Displays results using .sig.shtml and .body.shtml from refering docume

  • Ezpolmkr - Easy Poll Maker 1.40

    EZPOLMKR is an easy to use poll maker. After you install this script, your guests will be able to build their own survey pages at your site.

  • Easy Voting Booth Generator

    The Easy Voting Booth Generator script allows your guests to immediately create - not just one survey - but a whole voting booth of unlimited surveys.Your guests can then offer their own surveys to their visitors who are then invited to tak

  • Ivote 0.06

    iVote is a very high-performance image voting/polling system. It was designed from the ground up to take advantage of persistant database connections and the benefits of mod_perl under the Apache Web server. It should work anywhere Apache and Perl ca

  • Ratingshandler 1.1b

    RatingsHandler is a powerful application much like those seen at and The one big difference is that not only does it allow rating of images, but it also has the ability to rate text or multimedia files. Features: - Comple

  • Web Survey 8.2

    Web Survey is a WebDB 8.0 based application. Create your own surveys to learn about your customers and to build community. Installation is virtually instant for quick use. Web Survey also allows customization to use other database systems, new tables

  • Splrateit

    SplRateIt was created to be completely customizable. It comes with a password protected admin panel, 4 pre-made rating forms, a view ratings page (all of which can be edited), and the SplRateIt script. It will allow you to rate an entire web site or

  • Picpoints Service 1.3

    PicPoints service allows you to set-up your own independent picture rating service. Develop your own theme, male, female, babies, quilts, 3 legged cats, etc. Once your service is installed you can join the PicPoints Network, a collection of rating se

  • Oveas Web Poll 1.7a

    Oveas Web Poll is a survey script that handles radiobuttons, checkbuttons, and calculates averages.Features: - Support for drop-down selects, works like radio buttons - Support for multiple select elements, works like checkboxes - Input fields on whi

  • Cspoller 2.0

    Creating, maintaining, and conducting online polls and surveys is now easier than ever. You can create polls and surveys that have expire on a specific date or have the run forever (until you stop it). You can post multiple polls and surveys to your

  • Jumppoll 1.0

    JumpPoll is a program which allows you to create and place polls/surveys on your website. It consists of two levels - a username/password protected admin level where you create and manage your polls, and the public level where you display the active

  • Pollworld

    With PollWorld CGI script you can offer remote hosted voting systems to your users. Your users must only place HTML code on their HTML pages to get full working vote system. Features: - Unlimited variants of answers for defined question - Unlimited p

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