• Simple Movie Catalog 1.4.0

    The script parses a given directory for movies, queries IMDB for additional info and generates a catalog in HTML.The catalog supports real-time sorting, filtering and grouping of found movies by different criteria. Here are some key features of "Simp

  • Bluepig

    The user can search by name or phone number and even edit any field he wants.Every record is kept in a separate file, so the user can open it at any time without having to run the script.

  • Mytodolist

    It uses a simple flat file database to store the records.Code also uses subroutines.

  • E-cal

    The application has minimum CSS styling so it can be easily modified.Templates can even use Include Files (Like ASP pages do.) for ease of installation and management.

  • Rotatebackup

    RotateBackup is a simple Perl script designed for deleting old backup files, to be called from a cron job. It requires filenames to be sortable in chronological order, e.g. containing the date in YYYY-MM-DD format. The script is very easy to ins

  • Mioga 2 2.2.13

    Mioga 2 groupware solution lets organizations involve their partners, suppliers and clients in their project management approach, without any organizational or geographical constraint. Mioga 2 provides libraries and web services tools to set up a sec

  • Netbookpro

    NetBookPro allows you to take your address books world-wide!Features - 100% Templatization! - Multi-user with administration panel! - Setup is extremely easy! - Uses .cgi extension to prevent unauthorized viewing! - Password protected! - Require

  • Phphone

    phPhone is an easy to use phonebook in PHP/MySQL.

  • Odot 1.2.0

    Odot is a task list manager that organizes tasks hierarchically and emphasizes due ones. It has advanced keyboard support and can also be used as an outliner. Any action is undoable. Requirements:· Gtk2-Perl· DateTime· XML::Parser

  • Project Tracking System 2.0a3

    The Project Tracking System allows for users to keep a centralized "Corporate Memory" about all projects in your company. You are allowed to upload documents to the server that will be associated w/ a specific project. It saves data like which l

  • Gwine 0.10.3

    Gwine is a GNOME wine cellar manager. It lets you creat, modify, and delete the following: - Geographical zones (a country, a vineyard, a part of a vineyard, etc.). Geographical zones may overlap, e.g. you can create a zone Bordeaux which contains Me

  • Sandsurfer 1.8.4

    SandSurfer is a time keeping web based application with the following features: - Employee time sheet entry - Auto Clock In and Auto Clock Out - Gross wage calculations for each employee in given time period - Export of data to file - Tracking of wag

  • Agnostos 0.9.14

    Agnostos is a simple web-based task management system, allowing you to maintain a set of todo lists for a number of people, departments and workgroups.

  • Ams Script 1.1

    AMS script is a web based address management system. The AMS consists of a sql database (msql, postgressql, mysql, ...) and a perl script that enables granted users to access it via Internet Browsers.Features: - Categories can be created, deleted, re

  • Headcount 1.0.1

    HeadCount is a little program that will let teachers log in with how many of their students will be attending lunch or a field trip, or just attendance numbers. HeadCount lets you set up a very simple headcount program on a website. The idea is that

  • Gradeorama 1.0.8

    GradeORama is an online gradebook program. Instructors can log in and set up a gradebook for each of their classes, add students to those classes, and set up grades for them. Students can then log in and get their grades for a particular class. Featu

  • Makebook 3.1

    MakeBook can be used as a guestbook, an ongoing story program where each user adds something new, or a HTML comments form. It allows people to type their message into a form, and then adds that information to a web page, either from top to bottom, or

  • The Address Book 1.0

    The Address Book is a web server application for managing addresses. It can be used for listing a multitude of individual mail addresses, phone & fax numbers, and email adresses. The Address Book looks and acts like a paper type address book.

  • Y-notes 0.7.1

    y-notes is a set of lightweight applets and scripts that enable webmasters to specify points where website users may leave 'sticky notes' to be used as a navigation aid, shared, and retrieved later.y-notes require no registration, logins, or password

  • Clock In Center 2.1.1

    Emulating employee time cards, this precision Perl Clock will save you hours of paper work and frustration.Clients can even log in with restricted access to update their log in details, view, rename or e-mail current or archived logs and set their ow

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