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  • Article Manager Php 3.0

    Article Manager is a simple content management PHP program to speed up your activity of adding news, articles or press releases into your site. A number of latest article summaries can be included in your main page or press release page with their li

  • Newspost 2.1.1

    Newspost is a usenet binary autoposter for Unix. It is meant to be an all-in-one posting solution. Using newspost, it is a one command job to encode and post as many files as you like to your favorite newsgroup. In addition to posting files, Newspost

  • Nflash 0.7.2

    nflash is a perl/cgi script providing an easy to use and maintain way of posting news to a website. It is possible to create users being able to edit their own preferences and postings. It has a webinterface, comments, multilinguality, encr

  • Mynews 1.2b3

    MyNews is a web news grabber written in Perl and released under GNU General Public License.

  • Mycms 1.0

    MyCMS is an additional module of MyNews to manage an Internet publishing system. MyCMS adds the concept of article. An article is a kind of long news. It can be viewed as a newspaper article. An article is written in plain text. Special characters ar

  • News Page Updater 1.15

    News Page Updater is a simple utility that was written to update the news page of a website site. It simply allows you to add items ( automatically adding the date to the beginning of the message ) and to edit the raw html code as necessary. You

  • Site News 1.1

    Site News is a handy, multi-user, easy to use and maximum customizable script intended for adding and editing of latest news on a web site.On usual corporate site with the never ending streams of news, usually works two teams - news suppliers and new

  • News Update 1.2

    News Update is designed to assist with the building and maintaining of business websites! From one TWO LINE form, you can easily place headline news regarding your organization, your services/products, coming events, etc. in a matter of sec

  • Avenger's News System 2.11a

    Avenger's News System (ANS) is a PERL-based solution to creating an easy-to-update and easy-to-maintain web site. Instead of constantly uploading new news pages and wrestling with HTML, you can post stuff via a web-based form. Features: - Multilingua

  • Newslog 1.4.0

    NewsLog program facilitates news posting and archiving of older posts on your website.

  • Enews

    eNews is advanced management tools for on-line news articles and announcements publishing. This script support for unlimited number of News themes, for each, you can define multiple moderator. Each moderator can add a news or validate, edit, remove p

  • News Publish 2.0.0b4

    News Publisher allows you to manage the news publishing process on your website.Features: - Update News from the Web - One News Story per Page or Multiple News Stories on a Page - Add, Edit, and Delete News - Preview News Before Posting - Add, Edit,

  • Press Release 1.6

    PRESS RELEASE script allows you to manage the news publishing process.Press Release makes adding a 'Latest News' section to your web site a snap! It is ideal for webmasters who want to provide business clients with a way to update a NEWS section.Pres

  • Auto Updater 3.2

    This is an advanced news publishing script which uses SSI links to seamlessly integrate with your current site design. It includes image uploads and management, fully configurable HTML templates, archiving, automatic posting, an extensive administrat

  • Csnews Professional

    csNews Professional script allows you to update and maintain articles and news items on your web site. It includes support for unlimited users, easy web-based administration and configuration, and a web based HTML editor with image upload c

  • Creativyst's News Entry Widget

    Creativyst's News Entry Widget lets you enter press releases and site announcements from a single screen.It stores and archives news stories in static HTML pages, so it's easy for search engines to find and index them. Static pages also make it easy

  • Bv News

    This script allows you to easily maintain and update news on your dynamic website with our full-featured, flexible yet low cost news management systems. Features: - Update news on your website from any web browser without the need for FTP. - Requires

  • News Headliner

    This script pre-generates news headlines in the background and keeps them prepared for instant inclusion to static and dynamic web pages (using SSI like include) anywhere on your site. Features: - News Headlines are refreshed on a regular basis; you

  • Newsflash

    This script allows you to do message posting without editing your webpage. You can post announcements or news on your webpage through an easy message form. Features: - Easy to use message form - Secure sign-in, then simply enter a news message in the

  • Eznews

    EZnews is an easy-to-use yet powerful and customizable newsboard system which can integrate perfectly with the design of your website. Newsboard systems allow you and a designated group of reporters to post news articles and announcements to your web

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