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  • Switchmap 13.0

    Switchmap uses SNMP to query and record desired data from the switches.Can be used in showing general switch details, usage statistics, installed modules, port and VLAN activity. What's New in This Release: · Contains 5 or 6 minor bug fixes, inc

  • Blip v1.1

    The script works for UNIX OSs, compatible with IPTables.It acts as an interface for the command, allowing easy IP blocking with simple controls, without needing to learn all the IPtables documentation.Of course, works the other way around, for unbloc


    It is a regular expression (regex) that can be used to match any legal format of an IPv6 address.Just pas it a string and it will check the format to see if it's a valid IP version 6 address.The regex for IPv6 can handle all the cases specified by RF

  • Io-interface 1.05

    The module can query or even set several details related to a PC's network interface card (NIC). Here are some key features of "IO-Interface":Handled data:· IP address· Broadcast address· Netmask· MAC· Destination address for


    It uses a technique called ARP poisoning/switch poisoning to fool machines on a network into thinking that the local host is actually another machine by modifying the local IP.It also forwards the packets to the real host, sniffing data without even


    It uses different denial of service attacks on passive network monitors.


    When someone traceroutes the local host server while this script is running, the user tracerouting it will see a different IP as route before they see the real local IP as the last hop. Limitations:· This is just a proof of concept, never being

  • Pdump 0.8

    In other words it dumps, greps, monitors, creates, and modifies traffic on a network.It features of all sorts of programs from tcpdump to ngrep to dsniff. What's New in This Release: · Working on a set of modules called 'Packet', with David Hult


    It has nice work-arounds for retrieving ping results on hosts which block ICMP packets.It allows to ping a host through multiple protocols such as ICMP, TCP, etc., but doesn't always use the actual ICMP header all the time.

  • Cisco-management 0.04

    It implements several management functions for Cisco devices, done via SNMP.Cisco::Management uses the Net::SNMP module to do the SNMP calls.This distribution comes with several scripts (installed to the default bin install directory) that not only d

  • Net::cidr::lite 0.21

    It's a more faster alternative to the classical Net::CIDR module for merging large number of CIDR IPv4 or IPv6 address ranges. What's New in This Release: · Fix spanner clean() docs.· Undef dereference with empty object.· Add short_lis

  • Trelay

    It just supports forwarding, but no caching.This can be very usefull, if the user wants to access a couple of intranet sites that are only accessible from within the sites domain (his company) and he also has an account on a ssh-able machine within h

  • Web Network Status

    The script will parse network settings from the server's side and offer to the user.

  • Web Based Ping Utility For Win32 Web Servers

    It can even return extended data when requested.

  • Killcx 1.0.1

    It closes connections, whatever their state might be: half-open, established, waiting or closing.Killcx works by first creating a fake SYN packet with a bogus SeqNum, spoofing the remote client IP/port and sending it to the server.It will fork a proc

  • Ping An Ip Address

    The script will ping an IP address and display the results using a table format.

  • Chase (trace) Route

    Includes the ability to return extended IP and hostname data upon request.

  • Dnsenum 1.2

    The purpose of the script is to get as much domain info as possible. Here are some key features of "DNSenum":· Get the host's addresse (A record).· Get the namservers (threaded).· Get the MX record (threaded).· Perform axfr querie

  • Cgi Nmap Port Scanner

    The script uses the Nmap::Parser module and requires nmap to be installed on the server.It will provide a tool for website users to scan their own ports for free slots.

  • Terminal Sniffer

    The user has to input into the script, the terminal he wants to surveil and what to log.The script will output all the entered commands by the other terminal's user.

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