Can also be used from the Perl console, with various options detailed in the source's head. Here are some key features of "":Sequence file formats:· FASTA· PIR· Clustal· NexusTree file formats:· Phylip· Nexus&

  • Gpx2html 1.90

    It works with GPX files aquired from Pocket Queries at HTML pages can then be exported to a Palm device using Plucker.Available as a Perl script and Windows EXE file. The Windows version can be downloaded from here. Requirements:

  • Md5cracking

    The script parses takes the MD5 hash and uses brute force to get the plain text out. Usage instructions:$ perl luns MD5

  • Tagmet

    These tags can be used to increase traffic for a specific domain.

  • Swear Filter

    It compares input text to known swear words and blocks the text from being shown.New words can be added to the list, or old ones can be removed.

  • Pstbackup 1.4

    It will try to locate *.pst files by searching the registry. If Outlook is running, the script will send a proper quit signal to Outlook, wait for it to close, back up the *.pst files, and then reopen Outlook.It works well with Outlook 2003 on Window

  • Xmlmygame 1.0

    It uses XML as the output format because it's smaller in size and much more readable.Games (matches/wars) reports can be posted on websites or in feeds.

  • Yahoo Group Archiver

    Yahoo Group Archiver is a collection of scripts to interact with Yahoo Groups and download various sections of each group to your local workspace.Scripts Features: - yahoogroup-messages: Downloads all the messages from a group in the order in which t

  • Ldap Users Admin

    LDAP Users Admin is a Webmin module for those who use LDAP directories (like OpenLDAP) for user account information or as an e-mail address book. It will take care of common tasks such as getting an unused UID, editting address book fields and the li

  • Isbn Checker

    ISBN Checker is a simple application that allows the user to enter a 10/13 digit ISBN and get information about the book associated with it. Information returned includes: title, author, ISBN-10/13, and an image of the book's cover.

  • Virtual Bookshelf 1.20

    Virtual Bookshelf is a web application that models a workplace "library system"; each person has a bookshelf, and people may search all bookshelves for a particular book and then check it out. The system is meant to keep track of who has whose books.

  • Evangelizer

    Evangelizer is a comprehensive evangelical tool for Christian Web Masters. Written in Perl, it is a very powerful application that rivals any high end program. Complete with a searchable KJV bible. This featured packed program is totally configurable

  • Word Find Generator 1.0.0

    This Perl application generates word find puzzles from a list of words. It's intended to serve as a backend to programs which gather input data from users, then format the resulting puzzle into a human-readable format. This software was used to gener

  • Ip 2 Country Geo Database Builder

    This is IP 2 Country Geo Database Builder Perl Script Totally Free. This Perl script crawls the internet registries databases afrinic , apnic, arin, iana, lacnic, and ripencc then process the latest updated files in the format you want in less than&n

  • Visitor Welcome Script

    With this handy little perl script you can welcome your visitors depending on the time of day. The greeting text can be modified and is inserted by SSI. Features include the ability to greet the visitor depending upon the time of day, ability to inse

  • Avs Check Pro

    AVS CHECK PRO is a mysql backended age verification system with realtime processing.Basically this is a clone of adult check age verification system. Probably even better than their software actually. Mysql database backend and payment

  • Recruit 2.1

    Recruit is a set of Perl scripts to support academic recruiting/hiring committees. Recruit enables a department's search committee to easily accept, manage, review and annotate job applications on the Web. Its features include: - easy customization a

  • Libweb 0.02

    LibWeb is a Perl library and toolkit for building a community Web site and applications. Features in a nutshell: - members and sessions management (authentication via cookies) - template-driven, dynamic HTML page generation without using PHP/ASP/SSI/

  • Cookbook Lite 2.5

    This script provides you a solution for allowing your visitors to add their favorite recipes on your site. Features: - Easier set up - Works on NT and UNIX - An Administration section to edit or remove unwanted recipes - Completely database driven -

  • Tkzinc

    Tkzinc (historically called Zinc) widget is very similar to the Tk Canvas in that they both support structured graphics. Like the Canvas, Tkzinc implements items used to display graphical entities.Those items can be manipulated and bindings can be as

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