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  • Cgi-application-photogallery 0.15

    Using Image::Magick, thumbnails are generated on the fly for the gallery.To use this module, the developer needs to create an instance script. Here are some key features of "CGI-Application-PhotoGallery":Settings:· Image location· Title

  • Image-epeg 0.10

    It uses the manipulation library Epeg, to resize JPEGs as thumbnails at acceptable qualities. Here are some key features of "Image-Epeg":Methods:· new( [filename|data ref] )· get_height()· get_width()· set_quality( [0-100] )·

  • Image Extractor

    Three arguments need to be inputted: website URL, directory address where the images should be stores, and address for the file where information about the images should be saved.

  • Random Image

    The file is very easy to modify and update.

  • Image Lister

    If there are more than a given number of pictures, pagination links are added automatically. Limitations:· Directory and image file names must not contain spaces.

  • Image Gallery 2.5

    All images are generated into thumbnails of 100x100 and linked to a window that opens to the exact size of the actual image.Descriptions (image filename, image title, image description and image size) are added to the image thumbnails.

  • Display A Directory Of Images On The Web

    The user can select which directory to scan, and how many images per screen.

  • Imagesize

    The script will scan local or remote image files and return their file size.Can be used in contact form, attachement fields, image validations and more.

  • Bbgallery 1.2.0

    BBGallery is a small Perl script generating a number of HTML files from jpeg images that make up a image gallery to browse with any html browser. It uses The Gimp and Gimp-Perl to create thumbnails and to scale the images. It offers the following fea

  • Slideviewer Cgi

    Slideviewer allows you to define a slideshow from a list of predefined images, or by specifying a directory with images in it. Images can be local or remote. Slideviewer allows you have a vast array of controls for running the slideshow, like: image

  • Protecphoto Album

    The best, most cost efficient, exclusive "full-view" image protection solution on the web. Created to offer the average webmaster or professional developer of copyrighted images using thumbnail image display, an affordable, safe, secure way to achiev

  • Fullimage

    This script allows you to display (link to) full images and still keep them in your template design by using SSI's and cgi executes. All this allows you to dynamically generate seemingly individual pages for each image (which would normally be allot

  • Simple Web Image Gallery

    Simple Web Image Gallery is a basic free open source image gallery written in Perl and JavaScript. Features: - Each image can belong to an "album" (aka "category") and a "location". - Each image can have a brief comment, and a longer description. - G

  • Fauxweb Image Gallery

    Fauxweb Image Gallery is a CGI/perl based image gallery package with auto-generation of thumbnails, full description support, multiple galleries, and user selectable image sizes. This script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your nee

  • Emalbum Pro 1.3.5

    emAlbum Pro is a web based software that automates the management, organization, and viewing of images and files on your website.Main Features: - Setup Wizard - The simple 4-step Setup Wizard allows for a quick and easy installation. - Secu

  • Autothumb

    Autothumb is a CGI Script which you simply drop inside your website and execute and it spiders your entire directory structure, creates thumbnail images and organizes all your photographic content into easily browsable html with thumbnail tables that

  • Ssi Random Image 1.12

    ssi_rand_image is installed simply by copying the file into your cgi-bin directory. If you don't know where your cgi-bin directory is, then please ask your system administratorYou may need to rename to ssi_rand_ima

  • Perl Random Image 1.11

    Display a random image.rand_image is installed simply by copying the file into your cgi-bin directory. If you don't know where your cgi-bin directory is, then please ask your system administrator.You may need to rename to

  • Mcg Thumbnail Gallery Post

    The MCG TGP script is free to download while in BETA phase. MCG Thumbnail Gallery Post is a turn-key adult webmaster solution. Install this script and you have yourself a money making, traffic magnet. Despite it's cost and that it's a new development

  • Fig2ps 1.3.6

    fig2ps is a perl script designed to convert Xfig files to postscript or PDF files, processing text using LaTeX.

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