• Golb 1.01

    Can be easily embedded in any web app for having a way to interact with users in real-time. Here are some key features of "GOLB":· WYSIWYG editing· CAPTCHA protected messages· UTF-8 support· I18n· Several level of errors·

  • Guest Book

    A readme text file details on how to install the application.

  • Easy Guestbook v1

    The script also uses MySQL as a database to store comments.

  • Donnervogel Guestbook

    Provides a way for users to leave messages on a person's website.

  • Faygusetbook

    It uses no database to store messages, sizing only at 3kb.

  • Techdex Cgi Guestbook 2.1

    It offers enhanced security and management features like thread canceling, thread tracking and a posting system with CAPTCHA validation. Here are some key features of "TechDex CGI Guestbook":· Page Verify - Replies must come from the reply page

  • Guestserver 1.0.0

    GuestServer is a simple web server for managing several guestbooks, which keep data in a MySQL data base. The application is very easy to install and use. It provides compatibility with all operating system being made with an interpreted pr

  • Usingguestbook

    usingGuestBook script allows you to add a guestbook to your web site.Features: - Multi-pages display - Specifies number of messages per page - Total message count - Email, ICQ and Homepage icons support - Next and Prev Buttons support - Checking for

  • Fg Guestbook 3.2

    The FG Guestbook is a really fast and powerfull guestbook written in Perl. Features: - Design completly without restriction adjustable, because the guestbook works with templates, which are including patterns. The guestbook looks, how you want! - Pro

  • Mcg Guestbook

    MCG Guestbook is a simple yet effective guestbook script. It features private messages, and entry deletion abilities. It is also easy to install and use and provides a good compatibility with all web browsers.

  • Perl Guestbook 1.52

    All that is need to install the Guestbook is to copy the file to the cgi-bin directory (or whatever is appropriate for your system - you should ask your system administrator or web hosting provider about this if you are unsure ) on your

  • Advance Guestbook 2.0

    Advance guestbook allows your visitors to send you their comments with ease. Its a great way to find out what visitors are thinking. Features - Allows visitors to post and view their comments instantly. - Word filter so that you can prevent vandals f

  • Simple Comments 0.930

    Simple Comments Perl script allows you to implement a basic comment posting system on the static pages of your Web site. Features: - Template-based design: You can craft the HTML output by the scripts by adjusting template files separately from the P

  • Ezguest 1.40

    EZGuest script is an easy guestbook generator. install this script at your site and  your site will offer guestbook services. Visitors to your site will be able to create their own guestbooks simply by filling in a few fields (no

  • Bnbbook 1.0

    BNBBOOK script allows you to setup a guestbook on your site.Features: - Autorespond letter to signer - Sends you e-mail of their entry - Filters out your list of dirty words - Domain check to prevent offsite calling of the script - Newest entry at to

  • Guestbook Application 2.3.1

    Guestbook Application allows you to set up your own comments page. From there, visitors can add entries to your guestbook and they will be displayed with the most recent at the top and scrolling down or vice versa.Other options include the ability to

  • Guestpost 3.1

    GuestPost could be the most flexible Guestbook around the world! You can customize the look of your guestbook not only by changing the background - but how the entries are to be displayed. Features:   - Easy to use and instal

  • The Digital Guestbook

    The Digital Guestbook script is based on a fast and flexible GDBM database for the individual guestbook entries. Features: - sends e-mail notifications to the webmaster when entries are added (optional) - converts "smileys" to animated icons - r

  • Bs Guestbook

    BS Guestbook is a guestbook script written in Perl.It allows site visitors to add their comments for all to see. Features: - Entries stored in a flat text database - users can add their name - email - url - location - comments - a user can define the

  • Cc Guestbook

    CC Guestbook is a simple guestbook program that is very easy to configure and install. It features a notification facility which sends an email alert to the guestbook owner whenever new entries are made. It may also be used as a post-it board to allo

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