• Tic-tac-toe Game With Perl Script

    In this project reinforcement learning is used for implementing Tic-Tac-Toe game. There are two scripts for learning tt.cgi and for playing play.cgi. The script for playing is using values obtained during the learning and saved in the text file. Lear

  • Gamestats 1.4.6

    Gamestats is a logfile parser written in Perl that is: - Easy to setup - Ships with its own Windows executable (see installing) - Does not require external modules - Does not require a database - Generates static .html pages, so you don't need a spec

  • Spads 8 Ball 1.0

    Easy to install, everything can be edited too! Let the Mystic 8 Ball guide you!

  • Coin Toss Game 1.0

    This script allows you to host a free 'coin tossing' contest where players guess the outcome of the computer's random coin tosses ("heads" or tails"). You can award the player(s) with the highest weekly score with your choice of prize(s). This s

  • Guess A Number 1.0

    This script is a fun little guess a number game for breaks at work or when you want to test your intelligence against the computer. It offers a number of options to customize the game how you want to play and saves all playing stats for you to see ho

  • Weblibs

    WebLibs is the Webified version of the old "Mad Libs" party game. It will allow you to set up "stories" on your Web site which visitors can complete by "filling in the blanks." Of course, the catch is, they don't actually see what the story is, until

  • Crossword Puzzle Cgi System

    Crossword Puzzle CGI system allows you to build and play crossword puzzles on the web.

  • Sfewordsearch 1.0

    SFEWordSearch will let you generate printable wordsearch puzzles using a web-based interface. It will walk you through a series of steps to create a grid, fill in words and clues, and then will display a wordsearch puzzle that you can pords and clues

  • Guess The Number Game

    Guess the number game is a simple game that all ages can play.This game is easy to install and customize. All you need is a Unix server with your own cgi-bin. You can customize the background colour (color in the USA :), text colour and also add your

  • Noughts And Crosses

    Noughts and Crosses script allows you to play tic tac toe.This game is easy to install and customize. You can customize the background colour (color in the USA :), text colour, graphics and also add your own banner to the top of the pages in the

  • Paper Rock Scissors Game

    Paper rock scissors game is an interesting game written in Perl.This game is easy to install and customize. All you need is a Unix server with your own cgi-bin. You can customize the background colour, text colour and also add your own banner to the

  • Blackjack Script

    This blackjack game is easy to install and customize. It includes card images, double down, split, insurance, surrender and 4 betting options (10, 20 ,50 ,100). You can customize the background colour (color in the USA :), text colour and also add yo

  • Phantom Sports

    From Soccer to Golf this script can handle a huge array of sports and as webmaster you have control at all times. You can even change the points awarded between rounds or set bonus points for picking exact margins. The scripts tracks all player

  • Softnet Super Slots 3.0

    This script will serve to your visitors a fully functional slot machine game that needs no plug-in’s or downloads. The game images are refreshed after the game is played through, so there is no interruption as the game is played. Features: - Ea

  • Crossword Game 7.60515-0934

    This script allows you to play on line scrabble.Features: - Great, realistic, Scrabble-style action - Letter bag, personal tray, password protected - Automatic turn sequencing and email updates - Unlimited simultaneous games - Online rule book - Winn

  • Fantasybetting 71113-1200

    This Fantasy Betting is a just-for-fun way to manage fantasy betting on your site. Every user who logs in gets a set amount of 'dollars' or 'quid' or 'bangles' (you decide the currency) and then have an opportunity to place a fun wager on items of yo

  • Trivia

    Trivia is an advanced trivia script and highly customizable. It generates a random question and of course lists choices - but it lists them in random placement so the user can't just pick the right one every single time. It uses a flatfile DB which i

  • 8ball

    8Ball is a CGI script that enables users to ask it a question and then receive a standardized type answer, which you can easily modify responses to make the script even more a part of your sites design or feel.

  • Luckynumber

    LuckyNumber is a unique script that generates a lucky number based on information entered by the visitor. It uses a unique algorithm to calculate this number based on age, weight, year of birth, day of birth, etc.

  • Cosmic Gamemaker

    This free downloadable gamemaker script allows you to create a free web game online for your sites visitors. The program enables the creation of a simple role playing game, or indeed a simple quiz.

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