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  • Www-form 1.18

    The module eases the task of form processing and reduces development time. Here are some key features of "WWW-Form":· Provides functionality to handle all of the various types of HTML form inputs.· Handles populating form inputs with user e

  • Generic Cgi Form Processor

    The form's content can be sent after processing to any email address on the web.

  • Evs v2.0

    The user submits his/her email address and the system generates an ID/email combination and forms (and sends) a personalized link to their email account.All users are stored into a database and listed as "unverified" until the link is clicked and che

  • Append To Text File From Form

    This code is not spam protected, so some security tweaks are necessary.

  • Form To File

    All new form posts will be added at the end of the file. Fields can be added but will involve changing the cgi.

  • All Form Processor Pro 3.01

    All Form Processor Pro is a form processor made with Perl.All Form Processor Pro is loaded with practical features, easily installs on any website server without any configuration or special software required, backed by documentation, and capable of

  • World Wide Contact

    The World Wide Contact allows you to setup a contact form on your site and have the results emailed to you. In fact, you can use this for any form where you want the results emailed to you. Just build the form on your site, tell the script what form

  • Formmail Perl 1.0

    FormMail a is simple script that takes the contents of a form and emails it to a specified email address. It is very easy to install and use and works with any perl version.

  • Tell A Friend Script 0.41

    This Tell A Friend Script is a great viral marketing tool. This script allows for users to specify a quick note to their friend, a super easy installation, an easily customizable message to be sent, and shows a link back to the exact page the visitor

  • Pop Order Form Pro

    For those of you who only have a few items to sell on the web, and don't want the hassle of a full blown Shopping Cart for just a couple items, but you still need something! Something not to complicated that's reasonably priced, secure, and looks pro

  • Pop Order Form 2.5

    Made the program more secure, and added print receipt button.   New EURO options added for date, money, post code, county, country.Now an e-commerce solution for the rest of us!For those of you who only have a few items to sell on the web, and d

  • Bnbform 4.0

    This program is designed to allow you to quickly implement your HTML based forms. The program is configured by information you provide in the form itself, so you can get the script to handle your data in a variety of ways without changing your script

  • Contact Form

    This script posts result of filled contact form. Not too universal but does only that is necessary - takes entered field of the form and sends them via e-mail with the IP and remote host information of contact person (also keeps the sent letters in t

  • Formmail Script 1.91

    FormMail is a generic HTML form to e-mail gateway that parses the results of any form and sends them to the specified users. This script has many formatting and operational options, most of which can be specified within each form, meaning you don't n

  • Form To Mail

    Form to mail script is a simple form processor, usable for guestbooks, and any other form where you want to email yourself the data.

  • Mformspro2 2.2b

    MFormsPro2 is a multi-page form handler accepting input from large forms spread over multiple pages.It is most suitable for professional sites that perhaps need to divide input into sections, moving the visitor on to the next page as each form is ans

  • Form 2 Mail 1.0

    Form 2 Mail is a classical script which allows visitors to send some word into your E-Mail.

  • Master Feedback

    Master Feedback helps you spam-proof your site by not requiring your email address anywhere on your page, not even embedded in hidden form fields or other HTML tags. Now you can stop feeding spammer's email address harvesting robots! This easy to ins

  • Free Customized Feedback Form Wizard

    This script creates a FREE feedback form for your website. This allows you to put a Feedback Form or Contact Form on your site so that visitors can send you messages / email or make comments.Features: - Plug and Play: All the necessary code for the f

  • Powerform

    PowerForm is a versatile form processor providing not just highest reliability, but also comes with professional features to write intelligent forms in minutes.General features - Reliable software technology; also designed for high load applications.

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