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  • Batchreplace 0.1.1

    Besides the batch file name replacements batchreplace supports regex string replacements.It also allows list-based replacements and double-quoted string replacements in text files.It's a great "Search & Replace" tool for the Perl CLI. Usage and synta

  • Xfilemirror 1.2

    It allows the user to upload a file and have it hosted on file mirrors like,,,,,, and Here are some key features of "XFilemirror":· Mult

  • File-monitor-simple 1.00

    Just set the module on a directory to watch, and it will scan for any changes made to any file matching a regular expression.It correctly handles new files added to the application as well as files that are deleted.By default it returns a list of fil

  • Monitorgrowth 0.1

    File size changes are monitored in k/s, kib/s and mib/s.

  • permits for operations applied on a list of files to run all at the same time and not one after the another.

  • App-perlmv 0.45

    It is similar to the Perl module "prename". What's New in This Release: · No functional changes. Moved main POD from perlrename -> perlmv.

  • Backup Manager 0.7.8

    It's designed for an easy setup and full automation via the Cron tool.Written in bash and perl, it can make archives in many formats and can be run in a parallel mode with different configuration files.Archives are kept for a given number of days and

  • Text-worddiff 0.05

    It's a variant of the Text::Diff Perl module, but shows differences between the words of a document, instead of showing the changes between the document's lines.This can be useful for tracking changes in narrative documents or documents with very lon

  • Filesys::notify::simple 0.10

    It will send out notifications after any changes on the watched file system path.It utilizes inotify2 on Linux and fsevents on OS X if they're installed, with a fallback to the full directory scan if they're not available.This module doesn't depend o

  • File::tinylock 1.01

    Status messages are shown after each operation.Here are a list of return codes of the lock function and what they mean:0 The process could not get a lock.1 The process has obtained a lock.And for the checklock function:0 The process does not have a l

  • Volume Manager 0.1.0

    It's an app that sits in the notification area and mounts any removable storage that attached to the system.The term volume refers to hard disk drives and not sound.

  • Nph-zipcat

    This can be used for large documentation trees to have them indexed by the fulltext search engines.Just drop it into a directory of the webserver, together with nph-zipcat.cgi and the archive can be browsed like a normal folder.All relative links wor

  • Filename Switcher

    It can be used in file management tasks or can be the base for other more complex situational scripts.


    The script must be used from the command line, and it needs a series of arguments parsed to it.If the arguments are not specified, the script will prompt the user for them. Here are some key features of "":Arguments:· A flag that indi

  • Delete Old Files

    Because it was written using Perl, the script can be integrated into various other applications in various activity domains.

  • Dailydiff

    This can be used to restore backups from web applications, but other usages exist.

  • Backing Up Binary Files

    The script also has error trapping, checking to see if the file is binary.


    It uses the Archive::Zip module and the Zlib library.

  • Bt.prl

    The function can perform several tasks like print file names, show differences between working versions, create directories and symbolic links, update repositories and more.Syntax:bt [options] <command> [projects ... ]

  • Sync Two Directories Recursively 1.0

    The goal of the script is to bring the tree structure of the two systems at the same point and organization.Because it can't copy files on his own, the script generates a command file instead.The user has the opportunity to exam the command file befo

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