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  • Islamkit

    All quotes can be translated into different languages, can be recited through audio files, and much more. Here are some key features of "IslamKit":· Quran Translations· Quran Transliterations· Quran Interpertations· Quran Recitati

  • Faq Generator Perl

    FAQ Generator script allows you to run an automated FAQ generator on your site. This script is completely FREE. Users submit questions to the FAQ Generator and you are notified. You can then respond to the FAQ and the FAQ will be immediately updated.

  • Arts 1.1.17

    Arts is a collection of perl scripts that allow you to input text into a quick and dirty knowledge base. It's designed to save information that is generated for email (either by design or choice) that is determined to be valuable away for safekeeping

  • Realizationengine 2.1.0

    The RealizationEngine helps companies rescue the time and productivity that is usually lost to unproductive meetings, poor communications and tracking down misplaced documents. The RealizationEngine breaks down the barriers to communication and, at t

  • Faq Plain 1.0

    FAQ PLAIN is a simple FAQ preprocessor. It generates a single FAQ output page which can be used for HTML PLAIN, or as an include page. It offers a few very useful options such as a hierarchical structure of the FAQ with automatic numbering.

  • Webknotes 1.0.2

    WebKNotes is a web based Knowledge database of notes written in Perl, stored in a plain file (text/html) hierarchy. It has an existing static web page hierarchy that can be changed into an interactive system by using WebKnotes. Features: -

  • Qamaker 1.0

    QAMaker lets you create a searchable list of questions and answers for your website. Users can browse through the list of questions, or just search for words appearing in a question or answer.You can add entries and let viewers see the full list of q

  • Faq Manager

    This script represents a solution for managing unlimited FAQs with un unlimited number of questions and answers.Features - Support unlimited Faqs - Support unlimited Q/A - Fully customizable - Allow users add question at one from FAQs for a

  • Question Manager

    This program is specifically designed for web masters and web site management/support personnel. The aim of this program is to automate many of the redundant tasks you must perform, thereby freeing up your time for more cost effective/cash generating

  • Creativyst Glossary 1.4g

    This professional, flexible, fully customizable glossary system is packed with innovative capabilities and features designed to make it easy to install, customize, and maintain a glossary for your site. Partial Features List - Import terms & definiti

  • Faq-o-matic 2.721

    The Faq-O-Matic is a CGI-based system that automates the process of maintaining a FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions list). It allows visitors to your FAQ to take part in keeping it up-to-date.

  • Faq Search 61121-2238

    This help desk script will allow your users to quickly find answers to their questions. You can administrate it online, adding your own questions and answers. Users can vote on the appropriateness of the reply. FAQ Search allows you to place a search

  • Csfaq

    csFAQ is an automated system for displaying FAQs (frequently asked questions) on your website. You can post questions and answers in many categories in multiple areas of your site. Now you can easily build technical support FAQ in the support area of

  • Faqmaker

    This script allows you to build and rebuild FAQ pages without having to edit any HTML or upload any pages. All is handled via a set of web based administration forms. Features: - Add Questions and Answers whenever you like simply. - Templates to edit

  • Hifaq Pro

    HiFAQ Pro script allows you to instant update your FAQ archive.Features: - allow users to post questions directly to the FAQ, for a later response from the webmaster. - The webmaster can also add additional sub-contributors with restricted write priv

  • Knowledge Base Manager 1.0

    Knowledge Base Manager allows you to create and administer your web sites Knowledge Base / F.A.Q section.Password protected browser based administration allows you to maintain your online FAQ(s) without having to create, modify or upload files on you

  • Build A Faq Plus 3.1

    Build A FAQ is a quality Perl script that enables you to build and manage FAQ and knowledge base categories. You can add multiple categories and descriptions, sort categories and questions in any order and it even comes with a built in user feedback

  • Hifaq

    HiFAQ is a dynamic content management utility which enables you to build an online searchable FAQ database on the fly.Features: - Easy to install, intuitive to use. - The HiFAQ templates may be customised to maintain asthetic consistency. - Cross Pla

  • Build A Faq 2.3

    This Perl script will help you build the ultimate FAQ and knowledge base in minutes. With this program, you can add multiple categories and descriptions, sort categories and questions in any order and it even comes with a built in user feedback

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