• Shareperltopus

    SharePoint is an application platform developed by Microsoft for collaborative efforts.SharePerltopus is a Perl command line tool that allows developers to fetch SharePoint-hosted data.

  • Rename

    It works an any file type and extension. Here are some key features of "rename":· Since the systems underlying 'rename()' implementation is used, the script can move files within the same partition by renaming to something with a new path at the

  • Credit Card Validation

    The script verifies all 13 or 16-digit Visa Cards, MasterCards, Novus (Discover) cards and the 15-digit American Express cards.

  • Credit Card Format Validation Script

    Works with providers like VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club / Card Blanche, Discover, enRoute and JCB.

  • Equation Solver

    The script uses the Runge-Ku tta method for solving equations.

  • Batch Credit Card Processing Engine

    Batch Credit Card Processing Engine is a bulk credit card database processor.Need a quick and dirty solution for processing billing databases? Batch processing engine allows you to process bulk credit card transactions via Simply uploa

  • Brinance 2.4

    Brinance is a light weight command line financial planning and tracking program, written for UNIX in Perl (and C for the old version)It is a functional replacement for something like GnuCash that is overly complicated for these simple tasks, and for

  • Simple Paypal Cart 1.0

    This is a simple no nonsense Shopping Cart, You Ad a Buy Button to your product page for the item you are selling, and when someone clicks on it, the item is added to the shopping cart. The user then has a choice to either Continue Shopping or go to

  • Kiosk Online Store 6.0

    KIOSK Online Store © v6.0 New Features:1.) - AIM Certified and Ready!2.) VeriSign Pay Flow Pro Online Order processing!3.) PayPal - IPN Online Order processing!4.) U.S.P.S Shipping Charges by weight!5.) Added product Weight to data

  • Homes 4 Sale 8.0

    New Features:     1.) * - SIM order processing option, needs No SSL!2.) * New Bank of America credit card processing option!3.) - New Pay by Listing Package! Featured Ad included!4.) - New charge by amount of images and o

  • Flea Market Mall

    By popular request, we are using PayPals new IPN - (Instant Payment Notification) as the payment gateway, as well as self process and mail in check, so your Entrepreneurs can get started fast with no setup costs! It's the dawn of a new age! The Entre

  • Interchange 5.6.0

    Interchange is an open source commerce server and application server/component application, written in the Perl programming language. Interchange is one of the most powerful tools available to automate and database-enable your web site or build onlin

  • Closedshop 2.2

    closedShop is a solution for a free shopping cart that is easy to install, maintain and customize. It uses Perl and mySQL to provide a full featured online e-commerce solution that is free. Features: - Add/Edit/Remove Products - View/Process Orders -

  • Sql-ledger 2.8.4

    SQL-Ledger is a double entry accounting/ERP system. Accounting data is stored in a SQL database server, for the display any text or GUI browser can be used. The entire system is linked through a chart of accounts. Each item in inventory is linked to

  • Simple Expense Manager 0.9.1

    Simple Expenses Manager is a multi-user perl script allowing users to perform simple expense management.It is intended for web administrators who want to offer their users this service, but is useful for anyone who wants to track their expenses, and

  • Freeside 1.7.2

    Freeside is the premier open-source billing, trouble ticketing and provisioning automation software for wired and wireless ISPs, VoIP, hosting, service and content providers and other online businesses. For complete, easy deployment and maintenance,

  • Merchant Orderform Shopping Cart 2.5

    Merchant OrderForm Shopping Cart  is a customizable Perl/CGI based Web Site shopping cart. It is a package of scripts that installs on your Web Server, so you don't pay monthly fees.As a Web based shopping cart, MOF is in a class by itself with

  • Anaconda! Etoys

    Anaconda! eToys provides your site with an instant toystore for the holiday shopping season. A!eToys dynamically retrieves *any* page, and inserts it into your sites pages on-the-fly.Individual product links are hardlinked with your Affilia

  • Getquote 1.1

    This is a (really) simple Perl script that will grab stock quotes from Yahoo!Works with the standard Perl distribution - no add-on modules needed. Returns the price, date, time, change (in $ and %), daily high, daily low, and volume in a comma d

  • Amazon

    This utility is used for looking up a book's title, author, subject, keyword, whatever and then listing the titles and authors and creating a link to that book with the referral Associate ID embedded from the Amazon website.

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