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  • Fully Functional Message Board With Admin Area

    The script comes with an administration interface to change the way to board appears.Theadmin credetials can be changed from the file.The site's templates can also be changed by editing the files in the /templates folder. Limitations:·

  • Boardawy Full Forum Software And Bulletin Board System 2009

    It now includes chat boards, RSS, Smileys, HTML Visual Editor, BBCode Editor, Code Syntax Highlighting, members list and more. Here are some key features of "Boardawy Full Forum Software and Bulletin Board System":· Unlimited nested forums·

  • Twinhelix Forums v1.0 BETA

    It supports different user groups, normal user operations (edit, post, delete, pin, lock) and web-based administration. Here are some key features of "TwinHelix Forums":· Written in CGI Perl with no non-standed modules required, for easy install

  • Tetra-webbbs 5.30b1

    Tetra-WebBBS is a Web-based bulletin board system. Unlike most other such boards, Tetra-WebBBS lets users define how they display the message index and the messages. They can tailor the index based on date and/or subject. They can view the index as t

  • Pboard

    pBoard is a Message Board with a number of unique features which are not included in most other scripts of the same kind. Features: - Verifies every email address before posting. - Ask Personal Information only once and accept comment directly next t

  • Perl Wwwboard 1.60

    InstallationYou must upload this file to your server's cgi-bin or in a directory where CGI execution is allowed. Make sure the directory and path match the $cgi_url put in the settings. You must also give the file the right permissions

  • Web Based Message Board 4.0

    Some features about the new version - Data file for stored messages has been changed so each posting is on one line. - The Admin tools have now been combined with the Message Listings screen. This makes it much easier to delete an unwanted posting or

  • Techdex Cgi Forum 2.1

    Users can keep the account information up to date through a Member Control Panel. Here are some key features of "TechDex CGI Forum":· Avatar support.· Admin User Account and Control Panel that allows full user, message, and forum administra

  • Sporum 3.0.9

    Sporum is a free forum script written in Perl.Features:Web Based Forum - Once setup - all admin is done via http (the web) - All posts and reading of threads done via http - All mail reading and sending done via http Highly Configurable - Color Theme

  • Slashcode 2.2.6

    Slashcode is a database-driven news and message board.

  • Mwforum 2.10.2

    mwForum is an open-source, Web-based discussion forum system. mwForum is based on Perl CGI scripts, uses a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite database and is compatible with mod_perl 1.0 and 2.0 for optimal performance. mwForum's design goals are comfortabl

  • Cgiboard

    CGIBoard script allows you to install and run a discussion board on your website.

  • Bbmatic

    This script runs a Bulletin Board System. Users post questions and comments and followup responses can be attached.

  • Mcg Message Box 1.0

    MCG Message Box is an easy to use "shout box" type script. Features email verification to prevent spam messages, private messages, ip banning, web based template management and more. General Functions & Features: - Clean, easy to navigate user interf

  • Ruboard 2.3a

    Ruboard is easy to use, simple, configurable web board - a place where people can discuss things interactively usign their browsers. Features: - Stability -- file locking to prevent article and index destruction. - Ruboard is simple to install and us

  • Master Message Board 1.4.1

    Master Message Board script allows you to setup a bulletin board on your website.

  • Agora 1.3_01

    Agora is a web-based, threaded discussion tool. It is *fast*, very intuitive to use, was beta-tested by more than a hundred people, and is now totaly stable. Agora remembers each user's preferences, and allows unread-only browsing, like a usenet

  • Newboard

    Newboard script allows you to run a simple message board on your site. It has the option of automatic emailing of copies of messages posted to webmaster and the person posting the message, and notifications to posters of follow-ups to their messages.

  • Scarecrow Message Board 2.13

    ScareCrow Message Board  application allows you to run a full featured forum on your website.General Features - User profiles that include: AIM, MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ identifications, locations, interests, homepage. - The option to hide email addr

  • Yabb 2.1

    YaBB is a leading free forum software package that rivals any professional message board out there. It provides a real-time chat and support system for your visitors. While chat programs allow people to talk directly, you have to be on at the same ti

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