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  • Sixpack-perl 0.03

    Sixpack-Perl basically allows Perl developers to create and run A/B tests in their favorite Perl-based technology and use the library to gather and send usage reports to a Sixpack installation.Sixpack-Perl is not an officially supported API client.Ot

  • Ledgersmb 1.3.39 / 1.4.0-b5

    Forked from SQL-Ledger, LedgerSMB is an improved ERP system for companies looking to move their activity management tools to the online medium.LedgerSMB helps them manage various facets of their business via a Web page.This allows their employees to

  • Contenticious 0.333

    Contenticious works from any operating system that can run Perl and provide access to a terminal.Previously from building the site with simple commands in the CLI, the site editors need to place their content inside Markdown files.When compiling, Con

  • Html-microdata 0.04

    HTML-Microdata supports the official Microdata standard.HTML-Microdata it also a lot more easier to install than other similar Perl modules, coming with a lot less dependencies. What's New in This Release:

  • Zmq (zeromq Perl Bindings) 1.05

    ZeroMQ (ØMQ, 0MQ, ZMQ) is a lightweight, fast, asynchronous messaging and communication protocol.The ZMQ module is a Perl binding for ZeroMQ's basic C API.The library allows developers to build Perl apps and websites that interact with ZeroMQ

  • Net-plurk 0.11

    Plurk is a micro-blogging social network platform, similar to Twitter, and mainly popular in Eastern Asia. Net-Plurk uses Plurk's latest API version, v2, to allow Perl developers to query Plurk services for various data.Usage instructions are include

  • Gearman (perl) 1.11

    Gearman is a job server that allows computational tasks to run in parallel across multiple computers.This package contains two libraries, for the client and worker portions of Gearman.The client library allows developers to send jobs to one or more G

  • Dropbox Api Command 1.09

    Tries to mimic the UNIX shell for interacting with the Dropbox service.Includes support for standard commands like ls, find, sync, cp, mv, rm, mkdir, get, put and uid. Requirements:· Dropbox API key What's New in This Release: · Fixed "list

  • Mail-chimp-api 0.50

    MailChimp is a online service which can be used to manage, send and track customer newsletters and email marketing campaigns.The library allows Perl developers to remotely interact with the MailChimp service.Tested and working with the MailChimp API

  • Www-mailchimp 0.007

    MailChimp is a online service which can be used to manage, send and track customer newsletters and email marketing campaigns.Written in Perl, the library allows developers to remotely interact with the MailChimp service. Requirements:· MailChimp

  • Are You A Human (perl) 0.00004

    "Are you a human" is a hosted CAPTCHA tool.The library allows their CAPTCHAs to be used inside Perl-powered apps.Plugins and libraries for other platforms include: Python PHP (official) PHP RubyJava.NET Node.js (JavaScript) WordPress Drupal vBulletin

  • Siebel Code Analyzer 0.03

    The analyzer will allow developers to detect common issues with the code and fix them before launching it to production usage. Here are some key features of "Siebel Code Analyzer":· Multi-OS supported· Database agnostic· Analyze remote

  • Log Monitoring Solution 2.1

    Keeps track of duplicate errors and sends the resulting count of them at intervals, rather than clogging an inbox with one email per error.The script can also handle nonexistent log files, truncated logs or logs that are currently being rotated.Comes

  • Webservice-embedly 1.00

    Embedly is a platform for converting URLs into embeddable content.This library allows Perl developers to interact with the API, and utilize some of the service's features and tools inside Perl-based websites and apps. Requirements:· Emb

  • Pngstore

    The script uses PHP and GD to create a PNG image.The input for creating that image (in various formats) are compressed JS and CSS files.The technique is not more efficient than GZipping files, but can be used as an alternative where GZipping cannot b

  • App-framework 1.05

    The framework was created to automate common tasks in project creation and deployment.It eases mundane tasks like script setup, documentation, general configuration, database setup, and much more.All is done by the framework, leaving the developer to

  • Xml-api 0.25

    This class is meant only for generating XML programatically and not for reading or parsing it.To render XML docs, the class uses object method calls. What's New in This Release: · Created _langs method.· Big simplification in _open _close e

  • Google-plus 0.004

    The module allows Perl-driven apps to access Google+ profiles and lifestreams. Here are some key features of "Google-Plus":· Get user ID· Get user biography· Get user photo· Get user gender· Get brief description· Get pr

  • Www-rottentomatoes-perl 0.0.3

    The module allows Perl apps to connect and retrieve data from Rotten Tomatoes via their JSON RESTful web API. Requirements:· Rotten Tomatoes API key What's New in This Release: · Added method (movie_similar) "Shows similar movies for a movi

  • Pithub 0.01018

    The module can be used to retrieve data from GitHub and embed it into Perl-driven apps. Here are some key features of "Pithub":· Gists· Git data· Tags· Commits· References· Trees· Blobs· Comments· Issues&#

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