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  • Sqitch 0.970

    Sqitch works just like any other version control system, tracking changes between files, but unlike normal VCS systems, Sqitch tracks only changes made to a database.If something went wrong at one point or another during the development stage, Sqitch

  • Monetdb Perl Library 0.09

    MonetDB is a column-store database system for high performance output.This Perl module implements an interface for developers to build applications or websites that interact, store and retrieve data from a MonetDB database.The driver can be used with

  • Pgextractor 1.4.1

    Works like an improved version of pg_dump, allowing administrators to setup up filters when dumping the database's content.This means sensitive data like passwords can be left out of the dump file to prevent any misplacements or hacks.It can also spl

  • Mysqlreport 3.5

    mysqlreport simply runs a SHOW STATUS command and stylizes the results, to be more readable and easier to understand.By default mysqlreport shows statistical data in 14 sections and in 121 lines of code.If certain MySQL server features are not active

  • Pamerlog v1.0.1

    The developer also has the option to generate statistics from the parsed data. Here are some key features of "pamerlog":· Support for log levels· Dump only IPs· Display formatted log· Print unaccounted messages· Suppress sett

  • Cubrid Perl Driver

    Allows connecting Perl-driven websites to the CUBRID RDBMS. Requirements:· CUBRID What's New in This Release: · Fixed the segment fault when using lob_export().· Added quote function in Perl driver.

  • Mysql2pgsql 1.2

    Can be used from the Perl console to quickly migrate data from MySQL to PostgreSQL.7 command line flags are available.

  • Sql-db 0.971.0

    Supports any database system running the SQL language. Here are some key features of "SQL-DB":· connect() to the database· deploy() the schema (CREATE TABLEs etc)· Using one or more "abstract rows" obtained via arow() the developer can

  • Sql-oop 0.13

    SQL-OOP provides an object oriented interface for generating SQL statements.Multiple statements are supported, but not all. Here are some key features of "SQL-OOP":· DELETE· ORDER· JOIN· UPDATE· WHERE· SELECT· INSER

  • Sql-maker 1.00

    The module allows a developer to quickly add DB details and start building preset queries for his app. Here are some key features of "SQL-Maker":· SQL types wrapper· Condition objects· Insert multiple rows at once· Dynamic SQL gen

  • Orlite 1.90

    SQLite is a single file SQL database for creating an excellent platform for embedded storage of structured data.However, while it is superficially similar to a regular server-side SQL database, SQLite has some significant attributes that make using i

  • Mysql Tuner 2.1-rev18

    MySQL Tuner comes with a configuration file where thresholds are specified.The main file has subroutines for getting the data itself, so it is highly configurable.All the performance data is put in a key-value hash, and you can always a

  • Dbix-replicate 0.04

    The module incrementally copies SQL tables using DBI connections, with support for controlling the copy's granuality and speed.Documentation on how to use the module is included.Just give it some simple arguments, and the module will copy tables from

  • Sql++ 0.13

    It can be used with many different databases and in place of other command line tools such as MySQL's mysql-client, PostgreSQL's psql, MS-SQL and Oracle's sqlplus.It has features such as multiple connections, multi-database interfacing, subselects fo

  • Postgresql Build Farm 4.10

    The build farm server detects build failures on a large collection of platforms and configurations.Te server acts like central repository for the results of the tests.The build farm software should run on all platforms that can support PostgreSQL. Wh

  • Pgpoutre

    SQL queries logged using the stderr logging facility will be replayed to offer the necessary information about what happened to the database administrator.

  • Muninpgplugins 0.2.2

    All the plugins are written in Perl and require the DBD::Pg Perl module.MuninPgPlugins are a set of plugins to collect statistic data from a PostgreSQL server.They are mainly used to monitor by database, so the developer needs to install them for eve

  • Sql-abstract 1.71

    Unlike other Perl modules handling abstract SQL data, this module offers more control over SQL statement management.A big advantage is that the user doesn't have to modify the code every time the data changes, as this module figures it out. What's Ne

  • Dbix-connector 0.33

    DBIx::Connector provides a simple interface for fast and safe DBI connection and transaction management.Connecting to a database can be resource expensive, so the developer won't want his application to re-connect every time needed to run a query.The

  • Net-cassandra-easy 0.14

    Net::Cassandra::Easy aims to simplify the all the basic operations with the Cassandra database.Under the covers it translates every request to the Thrift API.It will stay current with that API as much as possible. What's New in This Release: · C

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