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  • Edittag 1.2

    EditTag is a package of scripts which enable website management. The scripts allow for definitions of editable portions of regular HTML pages which can then be edited through a web interface by those with the proper permissions and passwords. EditTag

  • Cyclone3

    Cyclone3 is an extremely flexible open source framework designed for development of content management systems and custom applications developed for commercial purposes for almost 7 years history. Cyclone3 Framework uses Perl as its main develop

  • Modular Homepage System 1.0

    Modular Homepage System is programed in perl using mysql. The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.It allows you to create dynamic webpages (from simple information pages to comunities) by simple activation/d

  • Autosites 3.5

    AutoSites creates and manages pro-quality user-updateable custom websites automatically, for re-sale to your clients.It provides an advanced CMS website generator and site/client management tool with WYSIWYG editing - An advanced multiple WYSIWYG web

  • Mentat 2.3

    Mentat is a lightweight web content management program written entirely in strict Perl. It uses a flat, file-based database backend, thus circumventing the need for setup and configuration of an SQL database. Mentat was designed to be simple and flex

  • Webapp 1.0 SE

    WebAPP is the most fully-featured, versatile, free and open-source, flat-file Perl portal script available today!Acronym for Web Automated Perl Portal, WebAPP is easily installed on virtually any UNIX-based server. WebAPP requires no SQL backend, no

  • Mason 2.21

    Mason allows developers to insert Perl code in HTML via a customizable template.This means pages can be built with lots of reused code and in lesser time.Can be used from CGI or even stand-alone. Here are some key features of "Mason":· Lots of s

  • Xims 1.2

    XIMS is an Open Source Information/Content Management System that primarily provides facilities to create and manage web sites. With XIMS it is possible to make use of a flexible recursive role and ACL system for securing content. Besides managing we

  • Krang 2.20

    Krang is an open-source content-management system designed to publish magazine websites. It is a Perl application which uses Apache/mod_perl and MySQL, as well as numerous CPAN modules. Krang is a large application with many features, making a compac

  • Simple Box Cms 1.0.1

    This is a simple (mostly) perl based CMS (content management system) that takes advantage of a wysiwyg editor to provide any novice web site owner with a text area of rich editable text that can be edited / saved / updated easily without much fu

  • The Bible 2.4

    Now search the Bible like never before, with our new and improved search algorithm, and high lighted Word search Results and more!Search all the Books of the Bible at once or just search the Old Testament or just the New Testament or just one Book at

  • Metadot Portal Server

    Metadot Portal Server is a leading open source portal system. Its ease of use allows non technical people to create very powerful websites and portals just with the clicks of a mouse. Its architecture makes it extremely easy to customize and deploy.

  • Libdata 2.30

    LibData is a library oriented web based application which provides authoring environments for subject pathfinders (Research QuickStart), course related pages (CourseLib) and general purpose web pages (PageScribe). LibData encompasses all of these app

  • Iosity 5.0

    Iosity 5 is a lightweight content management system built for small to medium sized websites. In particular, Iosity is designed to be installed in any scenario in which PERL can be used. It is small enough (

  • Eprints 3.3.10

    EPrints is both a practical tool and the crystallization of a philosophy. It enables research to be accessible to all, and provides the foundation for all academic institutions to create their own research repositories. Key Features:Less typing, more

  • Aardvark Publisher

    Aardvark Publisher is a powerful content management tool and site organizer. You can support user-submitted articles, business listings, reviews, editorials, or any other type of information. Set up unlimited categories of information, which are sear

  • Web Based Rolodex

    This script allows you to run a fully operational, easy to use internet rolodex site. Users signup for your service, opt in to your mailing lists, get an auto generated email upon signup which you can put ads in, and then get their very own little ro

  • Randtext Pro 4.0

    With RandText Pro, you can define web page content days/weeks/months ahead of time...then relax while RandText Pro manages the timely presentation of that content. RandText Pro can help ensure that your web pages are always fresh, thereby encouraging

  • Communityweaver

    CommunityWeaver is "homepage community" software that allows you to offer fixed amounts of disk space to your members where they can create their own personal homepages. They have access to either of two editors: a point-and-click editor (SiteWeaver)

  • Bricolage 2.0.1

    Bricolage greatly simplifies the complex tasks of creating, managing, editing and publishing the content of any organization's website.With advanced features such as fully-configurable workflows, customizable document types, multisite management capa

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