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  • Google-voice 0.0101

    It uses methods and functions who connect to the Google Voice API and retrieve information. Here are some key features of "Google-Voice":· Create communication object· Login methods. Returns object on login success, false on failure.·

  • Slidemaker 1.1

    It was used by the W3C staff to generate their slides.This tool allows to reduce the time needed to produce those slides, ensure an uniform look, and guarantee a minimum level of quality of the HTML output.The principle is to write a single HTML file

  • Skype Messages Sender Communicator 3.5

    The script opens a message window, sends the message and then closes it automatically.This tool is useful in promotional tasks, SEO operations and website exposure. Here are some key features of "Skype Messages Sender Communicator":· Easy to use

  • Open Messenger System

    The aim is to set up an instant messenger service (like ICQ, MSN,...) but totally in GPL licence. Server is written in Perl, the client side (GUI) in Java, and the submission form in PHP.To use poosms you have to create an user account into our datab

  • Hoodahek 0.7

    HooDaHek (hoo-dah-hek, as in 'who-the-heck?') is a collection of Asterisk AGI scripts, CGI scripts, and MySQL tables intended to implement your own in-house Caller ID database and notification services. FEATURES - Alter the Caller ID as a phone call

  • Tonegen 0.1

    This script allows yo to run a Perl program that will create an SMS RTPL packet containing ringtone information for a mobile phone. A Perl program to transmitt the created ringtone data to a phone is included.At this point the program is more us

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