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  • Unicounter 1.03

    Unicounter is a versatile program designed to count page-hits or file downloads. It can work with or without SSI.Unicounter is a versatile program designed to count page-hits or file downloads. It can work with or without SSI.InstallationUnicounter i

  • 1.1 is a highly configurable Perl script, that analyzes the web server log files and summarizes all visitors of a specific website. The detailed information of a visit includes all links visited during the visit, the user agent of the visitor

  • Blue Dot 1.20

    Blue dot is a free GPL licensed Perl CGI tracking and web site activity measurement script which generates Apache combined style access log files. These log files can be analyzed with most standard log analysis tools like Analog and Relax to track si

  • Sillycount 0.1

    SillyCount is a tool to generate a stand-alone web page counter script for your website. You simply fill in a form with your choices of color, font, background, and border, and the program will generate a counter script and instructions on how to ins

  • Ad Click

    This CGI is designed for use with ad banners. In order for you to properly calculate compensation for banners, you need to know who is clicking through them. To install, you need to create a file that is world-writable so that all of the click-throug

  • Bs Counter 2.5.3

    This is a web hit counter/tracker written in PHP and Perl.Features include: blocking of multiple hits from the same user, insertion of commas, text-based or graphical modes, supports multiple counters from the same script, and tracks users' browsers,

  • Counter Code

    Counter Code allows you to install a text counter for your visitors.

  • Link Tracker 1.1

    This tool can be used in larger scripts and databases as well.

  • Midmart Power Counter

    Midmart Power Counter is a free counter for your site visitors.Features: - Up to 10 counters using one CGI - Full control over your counters via Browser - Ability of changing the counters appearance include: Backgound, Text and Border Colors - Four d

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