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  • Time-hires-value 0.07

    The module allows Perl to access the system's clock to microsecond accuracy.Floating point numbers are not suitable for manipulating such time values, as rounding errors creep in to calculations performed on floating-point representations of UNIX tim

  • Www-google-time 0.0116

    The process is very simple. The module parses all the inputted data, takes the name of a place and returns the current time in that location, as long as Google has it, or if it can locate it.

  • Time-clock 1.01

    It's a clock only, with no concept of dates (day, month, year).When a Time::Clock object hits 23:59:59.999999999 and at least one more nanosecond is added, it will wrap around to 00:00:00.000000000. This works in reverse when time is subtracted. Limi

  • Compare Two Dates

    It will output if one date is greater, lesser or equal with the other.The routine returns -1 if date 1 is less than date2, 1 if date1 is greater than date2, or 0 if they are equal.If the two dates contain different amounts of information (like one in

  • Time Conversion Module 2.100

    The code is very well commented and offers an easy way to transform time formats. What's New in This Release: · Made some adjustments to the script, including simplification of the variables names for the hour, month, etc. The old (and defualt s

  • Calender

    It highlights the current date and shows information about day, month, year.

  • Calendar With Holidays

    By default, the current month and day will be marked.The user has the option to navigate through the years, months and days at his will.

  • Calendar Script v2

    The script will display the current month, with the current day marked with a different background color.

  • Showdate

    It will return the date with no trailing CR, so it can be called directly from another script/shell.

  • Isdate Function

    It will check 7 different Date/Time input formats. Here are some key features of "IsDate Function":Formats:· mm/dd/yyyy· dd/mm/yyyy· mm-dd-yyyy· dd-mm-yyyy· yyyy-mm-dd· Thursday, June 26, 2000· Sat Oct 25 14:23:17 2

  • Date Routines

    The scripts can get the current date, convert a two digit year into a four digit year, get the number of days between two dates, convert a time into seconds and more.

  • Calculating Easter

    It automatically computes the next 25 dates.

  • Check For Valid Date

    It also considers leap years into account.

  • Calculate Daylight Saving Time

    The script will return the day that DST starts on or ends, based on the input data submitted by the user from the CLI.

  • Ez2read Schedule

    This scheduling program differs from other schedulers and calendars in its simplicity. It is a simple table with each row representing an event in the schedule. Admins have  up to 4 columns in which to display information for each event.Great as

  • @1 Event Publisher

    @1 Event Publisher posts events on your webpage via SSI. Events can be either posted by the administrator or visitors (pending approval by administrator).FeaturesAdmin modes: Administrator can search, add, edit or delete events.Posting of events by v

  • Html-calendar (perl) 2.11

    It's easy to use and highly customizable, supports multiple languages, and the developer can choose whether weeks start with Monday, Saturday, Sunday or any other day.Of course you can create as many calendars as you like.It shows five calendars; the

  • Cronos Vistaview

    Cronos’ VistaView has been created for individuals and small to large sized businesses who require the ability to book appointments, handle email, handle contacts, document storage, automatic letter writing and the ability for all of this infor

  • Ugolf

    uGolf is a tee time scheduling system that allows golfers to reserve tee times online. With uGolf, golf courses and country clubs can allow their members to view tee time schedules, check the availability of tee times, and reserve tee times directly

  • Time Tracking Tool 0.96

    Time Tracking Tool application is a good looking time tracking tool (TTT) that works in both intranets and web environments. TTT uses Perl (more scalable than PHP), Apache, and MySQL (doesn't get much better than this). The code is designed to be cle

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