• Bxr: Blosxom Xml-rpc Interface 1.8

    It supports blogger, and metaWeblog APIs. 

  • Chronicler

    With Chronicler is simple to create, update and maintain your own archive of web pages such as a personal diary or journal, or even a daily magazine. All entries, articles or stories are entered using a web-based form and existing entries can be modi

  • Pplog

    PPLOG is a very simple blog made in PERL. Currently the version is 0.1 BETA, It does not require Mysql, it uses flatfiles!PPLOG FUNCTIONS - Add Entry (Allow BBCODE) - List all entries (PAGINATED!) - List categories on the menu (Ordered alphabeti

  • Movable Type 5.2.3 / 4.38

    Movable Type benefits from a big community, providing lots of useful features, themes and plugins.Can be used from small personal blogs and up to online newspaper. Here are some key features of "Movable Type":· Powerful templating language·

  • Techdex Cgi Blog 3.3

    Its flexible design makes it highly customizable and can be integrated in websites with ease. Here are some key features of "TechDex CGI Blog":Messaging:· HTML replies in posts have been filtered and replaced with custom tags, (defined in admini

  • Blosxom 2.0

    Blosxom (pronounced "blossom") is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind. Blogging--and, indeed, any online publishing-- should be as simple as typing a

  • Addendat 1.1

    Addendat is a free blogging program.Features: - It supports web-based entry editing and deletion. - It uses challenge/response verification to try to retard comment spam. Unlike those stupid images, Addendát's method works on Lynx.  - It

  • Angerwhale 0.04

    Angerwhale is bloging software that reads posts from the filesystem, and determines authorship based on the post's PGP digital signature. These posts can be in a variety of formats (text, wiki, HTML, POD), and new formats can be added dynamically at

  • Rss Weblog 1.72

    RSS Weblog is a web-based form/script that edits RSS file, HTML include, WAP, PALM and VoiceXML feeds, useful for updating front pages.You could use this script to update your front page. It also outputs wireless feeds.

  • Telnet7's Bloggy build 130

    This tool uses free web-hosting services like Tripod, Angelfire, etc.Bloggy was just a simple program written for my own personal use. So it does not have all the fancy installation features. Bloggy is quite easy to setup if the user knows the basics

  • Bac Blogger

    BAC Blogger provides each member of your site with their own personal blog (web log). They can then choose to list their blog in a categorized directory and browse those of other members, adding other blogs to their "blog roll" or commenting on posti

  • Blog - Poster 1.70317-1447

    The BLOG script makes use of Blosxom, a free Perl script which reads text files and displays them as weblogs.The shortcoming of Blosxom is that there is no intrinsic way to post new blogs to a web server via a browser. That's where this Blog Poster s

  • Csblog

    Blogs are the fastest growing method of posting data on the Internet today. It is hard to hear a news story of any significance that does not reference a blog in one fashion or another. csBlog is a powerful blog (web log/journal) management tool. csB

  • Perlblog 1.09b

    PerlBlog is a dynamic and versatile blogging script written entirely in Perl, offering opportunities in customizing from beginners to developpers alike. Features: - Integrated commenting - Automatic archiving - Permalink - Weblog entry editor - Exten

  • My Blog 1.7

    This blog script will quickly and easily allow you to post articles and comments for your readers to keep up with using valid html and css. It  uses MySQL or flatfile data structure. You can select an image to go along with your entry. Admi

  • Aether 1.6

    Aether is a Python CGI-script for managing weblogs ("blogs") and web-sites. It allows you to manage a site entirely from the web, like a wiki. You will be able to update your web-site from any browser, anywhere. Managing a site from the web also

  • I-blogger Perl Script 2.0

    This unique blog script isn't like any you will see online, being dynamically designed to give your site a content rich, revenue building, traffic magnet, source to the WWW. Users register, post content in categories, visitors read & comment, he

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