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  • Mla Australian Xup Script

    This script can be configured as a standard unlimited width affiliate program that allows commissions to be paid to affiliates up to 20 levels deep OR as an Australian 1up, 2up, 3up, etc.Standard Unlimited Width Affiliate Program Details: - Unlimited

  • Bannerfarm Perl

    BannerFarm is the easiest way possible to allow your affiliates to have instant and easy copy and paste linking codes for your banners. They are sent to this script from your signup script which automatically places their linking code into your prede

  • Sellshareware Energizer

    SellShareware is an E-commerce resource for Shareware authors, Authors can conveniently sell their programs over SellShareware. Additionaly SellShareware gives the Shareware Authors the possibility to create an Affiliation Network where every SELL ge

  • Fusionquest

    FusionQuest is a marketing powerhouse that will enable you to harness the incredible power of referral marketing through cutting edge affiliate software, while at the same time boosting your search engine ranking by enabling links from your affiliate

  • Clickaffiliate Pro 3.0

    ClickAffiliate PRO is a very powerfull ALL-IN-ONE affiliation script based on a mySQL database server. It handles PPC (pay-per-click), PPS (pay-per-sale) and PPL (pay-per-lead) methods! It handles also 2 tier commissions (2 levels)!Features: - I

  • Traffic Sales Professional

    This script set allows you to easily sell your traffic. It allows for categorizing traffic by niche or categories that you setup thru the easy to use administration panel. You send your traffic to one place and the script spreads it out among buyers

  • Youraff 1.02

    YOURaff is a combination of commission and pay-per-click affiliate program software using a MySQL database and introducing many advanced features. It is suited for the most demanding customers and will run large affiliate programs on websites with th

  • Yourcom 1.3

    YOURcom is commission based affiliate program software written in Perl (CGI), that will help you start your own commission based affiliate program. Credit your affiliates with a commission for every customer they send your way. YOURcom is a great mar

  • Yourad 2.2 PRO

    YOURad is a click-thru affiliate program software, written in Perl (CGI). The basic idea behind click-thru affiliate programs is that your affiliates (webmasters who join your affiliate program) place your ads on their website and they receive a smal

  • Mcg Amazon Grabber

    This is just a simple script that grabs products from and displays them on your site with your affiliate code embedded. The products are randomly displayed based on a list of key terms that you supply. This is a great way to boost you

  • Protrack Enterprise

    ProTrack Enterprise was designed for the company who wants to operate their own affiliate broker house like Commission Junction , Be Free or PlugNGo. This solution is ideal for ISP's, Web Development Co., or any other company who wants to lease the t

  • Affiliate Programs Manager

    Finally, a webtool that allows affiliate site webmasters to manage and track their affiliate statistics. Multiple accounts can be set up. Database driven for efficiency and quick response. Features manual data entry. A specially framed window allows

  • Simple Affiliate

    The Simple Affiliate will run an affiliate program for YOUR website. Some of the features of the Simple Affiliate are: - Generates a unique ID# to each new affiliate. - Replicates a website for each new affiliate. The Simple Affiliate will replicate

  • Protrack Pro

    ProTrack Pro allows you to run your own affiliate program on your site.Features: - Track All Sales or Only Affiliate Sales - Pay Affiliate Commission Either Percentage or Fixed Amount - Can Operate Either as A Single Tier or Two Tiers Program -

  • Clickbank Manager

    ClickBank Manager represents a tool that allows you to install and run your own affiliate program.Features:Affiliate Management - Affiliates can sign-up for your affiliate program through a simple to use interface. - Confirmation emails are automatic

  • Cashmail

    What this script does is allowing webmasters to signup as affiliates of your program and place the code for your program on their pages, which allows surfers to enter their email addresses to join your mailing list. Each time a surfer enters their em

  • Amazon Products Feed 4.090809

    The affiliate can be used to purchase items from Amazon US, UK, DE, JP, FR or CA.This script parses's XML feed to provide search results and bestseller listings in HTML for the visitors. Here are some key features of "Amazon Products Feed"

  • Ipaidemail Cgi Script

    iPaidEmail is a complete collection of CGI scripts that will allow you to run a highly profitable Paid-4-Email site with complete control of it at the touch of a button. The iPaidEmail script comes with a complete and very useful members section, adv

  • Amazon Script

    The Free Amazon Script is an easy way to create a searchable display of products on your own web page. There are no scripts to download or install, just fill in the form and add the code created to your webpage! The code will contain your Amazon ID a

  • Clickbank Energizer 1.1a is a newly created E-commerce resource for Electronic payment. Webmasters can easily sell goods over ClickBank. That's not all ClickBank let's Webmaster create an Affiliation Network where every SELL generated through that affiliate res

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