Pchart v2.1.3 / 1.27d

The class works by taking statistical data from various sources (SQL database, CSV, XML, etc.) and graphically rendering it using PHP.
Here are some key features of "pChart":
· Object oriented interface
· Scaling and units
· Sandbox engine
· Multiple scales support
· Spline, cubic curves
· Functions computing
· Slope computation
· Means & deviation computing
· Native anti-aliasing
· Alpha-transparency
· Shadow support
· Axis inversion
· Dynamic data manipulation
· Line of best fit
· Standard charts
· Bars, stacked, normalized charts
· Ring charts
· 2D surface charts
· 2D and 3D pie charts
· Radars and polar charts
· Scatter charts
· Zone charts
· Area charts
· Stacked area charts
· Stock charts
· Linear bubble charts
· Legend boxes support
· Image maps support
· Thresholds
· Indicators
· Conditional formatting
· Labels support
· Draw data networks
· Barcodes extension
· Caching system
· Visual effects
· GD and FreeType PHP extensions
What's New in This Release:
· Updated drawPlotChart() to size the plot based on the serie weight.
· Added the drawXThreshold() function.
· Added the drawXThresholdArea() function.
· Added the AreaName param. to drawXThresholdArea() and drawThresholdArea().
· Various visual enhancements.
· Fixed a bug in the drawPlotChart() function.
· Added shadow support for the Area charts.
· Added the BorderWidth parameter to the drawBubbleChart() function.
· Added the Shape parameter to the drawBubbleChart() function.
· Added the AXIS_FORMAT_CUSTOM for user callback handling.
· Rewritten the drawStackedAreaChart() function.
· Added support for labels on stacked charts.
· Added the createFunctionSerie() function to the pData class.
· Added the drawScatterThreshold() function to the pScatter class.
· Added the drawScatterThresholdArea() function to the pScatter class.
· Added the setAbsicssaPosition() function to the pData class.
· Added the NegateValues() function to the pData class.
· Added the NoMargin parameter to the drawThresholdArea & drawThreshold fcts.

  • Developer: Jean-Damien Pogolotti
  • Website: http://www.pchart.net
  • Platforms: Windows / Linux / Mac Os / Bsd / Solaris
  • License: GPL - GNU General Public LicenseCommercial License (€50.00) BUY the full version
  • Language: Php
  • Download: Click Here to Download

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