• Vacuumvideoscript 0.13

    Doesn't require Macromedia Flash or thirdparty Flash players and GUI browsers.It uses wget, sed, awk or grep. Here are some key features of "Vacuumvideoscript":· www.blip.tv· www.clipjunkie.com· www.funnyhub.com· www.liveleak.com&

  • Doc

    They're multi-parameter type classes for maximal generality with some useful instances.

  • Simple Php Sms Site Software

    Full package: SMS addition to an existing site, allowing a webmaster to send SMSs from his or her site, or to allow the visitors to do so.

  • Daap Tunneling

    Requirements - server running mt-daapd/Firefly (alternative server for iTunes music sharing) - tunneleling & port-forwading via ssh - local bonjour/zeroconf broadcasting using Apple's mDNSProxyResponder

  • Ssh Tunnel With Local Port Forwarding

    ssh tunnel remote mysql to a local port (in this case, 3307)

  • Bubble Sort Snippets

    Implementation of bubble sorting algorithm

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