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  • Iispeed 1.1.7

    While Microsoft's IIS is not as widespread as Apache, NginX, or Litespeed, it is still a very powerful and reliable Web server regardless. IISpeed tries to leverages some of the features and technologies developed by Google and made freely available

  • Cometd 2.6.0

    CometD is a Dojo Foundation project to provide implementations of the Bayeux protocol.It comes in different flavors, for Java, JavaScript, Dojo, jQuery, Perl and Python (Twisted) developers.The Bayeux specification is also included.

  • Finagle

    Developed by the Twitter Team, it can also function as a client as well.The server is written mainly in Scala, but with some Java sprinkles.

  • Marc 0.4.5

    MARC stands for MySQL, Apache, Railo, and ColdFusion On Wheels, providing them out of the box. Here are some key features of "MARC":· OS - Ubuntu Server Edition 10.04 with slight modifications.· Web Server - Apache 2.2.· Application Se

  • Server Setup Fu

    Scripts and applications can be simply installed through this simple script all at once.Some of the applications installedwith this package are OpenSSL, MySQL server, GCC, libXML, bzip and a lot of base PHP, Rails or Ruby stuff.For more details check

  • Kamiware Bashback 0.3

    It can backup local files to a remote or local folder. Here are some key features of "Kamiware BashBack":· Full and incremental backups· Backup to share or FTP· Grandfather father son rotation scheme· Minimum traffic usage· E

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