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  • Io 2011.09.12

    Io comes complete with a virtual machine and an add-ons package. Here are some key features of "Io":· All values are objects· All messages are dynamic· Prototype-based· Differential inheritance· Aactors and futures for concur

  • Fancy 0.10.0

    Fancy runs runs on Rubinius, a virtual machine for Ruby.Fancy was developed to combine and expand Ruby and Smalltalk features. Here are some key features of "Fancy":· Dynamic code evaluation· Class-based mixins· Pattern matching·

  • Tranquil

    Tranquil aims to be an alternative language for writing and deploying OS X and iOS apps.Blends features from the C-family of languages to provide a richer development environment for Apple's operating systems.This package contains the Tranquil source

  • Nemerle 1.1.746.0

    Benefiting from a C#-like syntax, Nemerle allows .NET developers to build extremely complex software by combining multiple programming paradigms and features from various programming languages.Nemerle works with Visual Studio on Windows and with Mono

  • Crack Programming Language 0.7.1

    Crack is aimed mainly at Web development.It merges concepts from C++, Java and Python together.Crack has support for object-oriented programming, operator overloading, primitive bindings and strong typing. Limitations:· Still under development.

  • Unlambda 2.0.0

    In no case something that will replace Java or C++ in coming years, Unlambda is just a proof of concept.It's an obfuscated programming language which, as its name hints, relies on an obfuscated, unintelligible syntax to run operations.Unlambda's pack

  • Elixir 0.8.2

    Erlang is a general-purpose concurrent programming language designed by Ericsson's Computer Science Laboratory.Elixir takes advantage of Erlang's features to create complex, dynamic, concurrent, scalable, fault-tolerant and distributed applications.E

  • Visi 0.1.1

    Visi is written as a combination of Haskell and Objective-C and targets iOS devices.The language is first interpreted and then compiled and will feature its own GUI-based IDE. Here are some key features of "Visi":· Readable syntax· Statical

  • Typescript 0.9.1 preview

    TypeScript adds types, classes and modules to JavaScript, making JS a real alternative to established large-scale programming languages like Ruby, Python, C# or Java.It's similar to CoffeeScript, being a superset of JavaScript that in the end compile

  • Fay

    Fay is actually a subset of Haskell that produces valid JavaScript code.Relies on GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler). Here are some key features of "Fay":· Trivial interface to JavaScript· Statically typed· Lazy· Pure by default·

  • Orc 2.0.0

    Orc provides an uniform access to computational services.This includes distributed communication and data manipulation, through sites. Here are some key features of "Orc":· General purpose programming language for concise encoding of concurrent

  • Julia 0.2

    Julia's syntax resembles MATLAB's syntax. Here are some key features of "Julia":· Sophisticated compiler· Distributed parallel execution· Numerical accuracy· Extensive mathematical function library· Best-of-breed C and Fortra

  • Rust 0.5

    The package containers a compiler, a suite of associated libraries and documentation files. Here are some key features of "Rust":· Compilation model - batch, ahead-of-time, C/C++ compatible· Type system - static, structural-algebraic, with

  • Dart

    Dart is structured yet a flexible programming language for the web, mixing new features with common language constructs into a clear, readable syntax. Here are some key features of "Dart":· Classes· Optional types· Tooling· Librar

  • Opa 4308

    Opa is a programming language, a web server, a database and a distributed execution engine, all at the same time.The download section contains all the sources of the OPA compiler and libraries, and links to the platform specific binaries. What's New

  • Nu 2.1.0

    Analyzing it, one might see that its syntax comes from languages like Lisp, but semantically is much closer to Ruby code.Nu is implemented in Objective-C and is designed to take full advantage of the Objective-C runtime and the many mature class libr

  • Clojure 1.5.1

    It also targets CLR, the Clojure Language Runtime, a native implementation of Clojure on Microsoft's .Net Framework,programmed in C# and using the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, and shares with Lisp the code-as-data phil

  • Racket 5.3.3

    It supports the creation of new programming languages through a rich, expressive syntax system.Racket, as its predecessor PLT Scheme is a variant of Scheme.The language supports scripting. What's New in This Release: · The new `file/untar', `fil

  • Gnu Smalltalk 3.2.5

    It runs on most POSIX compatible operating systems, but as well as under Windows.Smalltalk is a dynamic object-oriented language, well-versed to scripting tasks.Unlike many other languages, learning the Smalltalk programming language is easy because

  • Boo

    Boo is for the Common Language Infrastructure with a Python inspired syntax and a special focus on compiler and language extensibility. What's New in This Release: · ~4x shorter compilation times· Support for partial interfaces and enums

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