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  • Luasocket 2.0.2

    LuaSocket is made up of a C-based core for dealing with basic TCP and UDP packets, and additional modules for dealing with other protocols.These basic built-in modules will support protocols like HTTP, SMTP, FTP, MIME, LTN12, just to name to more pop

  • Gretty 0.4.302

    Nevertheless, Gretty can be used with pure Groovy, Scala or even in Java apps.Practically, Gretty is a simple web framework for both building web servers and clients.Gretty was inspired by Netty, a Java NIO Client Server Socket Framework. Here are so

  • Firetero 0.3

    Firetero is a firewall for a single computer. Default setup works for any workstation. For a server, sample configuration is available for most common daemons. Features: - Easy to use: default configuration allows all client programs (browse web, sen

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