• Photoshop Grids v0.1

    The pack contains PSD files with grid layout templates for iPad, iPhone, and Desktop screens. Here are some key features of "Photoshop Grids":· All grids based on 12 columns.· Gutters are on the large size, ranging from 44% - 57% of column

  • Ps-syntaxdoc 1.0

    PS-SyntaxDoc is an extension for this scripting engine, that lets you generate a full description of the syntax of a script's interface and provides developers and end-users with a better overview of the possibilities of the product.Handles various d

  • Css3 Support

    For Internet Explorer browsers, some elements of a page are rebuilt by the script in Vector Markup Language (VML).VML is an IE-specific vector drawing language.VML supports things that are missing from IE's CSS implementation like rounded corners and

  • Snowflake

    Written as a Thrift server in Scala, the service returns unique ID numbers from a set of rules like time, machine ID and a sequence number.Snowflake was developed, and is used by the Twitter network.The development team wrote it as a side-effect of C

  • Iptocountry (lua) 1.0.2

    Documentation can be found at the start of the script as comments.No external dependencie, make this module really simple to use.The CSV file doesn't need any kind of pre-processing or loading into a database.The script parses it into a data table wh

  • Storytlr 0.9.3 RC2

    Enables activity from the selected sources to appear as a lifestream on your website.The following services are currently supported: Delicious, Digg, Disqus, Flickr, Google Reader, Identi.ca / Laconi.ca, Last.fm favorites, Picasa, Qik, RSS Feeds, See

  • Bashrun 0.13

    It runs a modified bash session in a small terminal window.The window can be resized to a single line. Here are some key features of "Bashrun":· Regexp based command line rewriting· Terminal rules· Tab-completion· History What's N

  • Computer Name Insert 0.1 Beta

    These details, used with NetRestore post-actions, are stored in a CSV file.Users with no technical expertise shouldn't use this script.

  • Rentoc 0.2.12b

    The script provides a fast and easy way to automate time-consuming tasks.It can create audio CDs in DAO mode from various media formats, such as mp3s, wav etc.

  • Lynis 1.1.5

    Lynis is an auditing tool for Unix (specialists). It scans the system and available software, to detect security issues. Beside security related information it will also scan for general system information, installed packages and configuration mistak

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