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  • Auto Moving Submenu

    Auto Moving Submenu features an unique mechanism for showcasing a menu's sub-options.It uses a drop-down panel in which sub-items are showed and rotated as the mouse is moved across the menu bar.All of this while the panel always remains into view wh

  • Screw 1.0.7

    Unlike many lazy loading plugins, Screw works with any kind of HTML element, not only images.To implement it, just tell it what to refrain from displaying at page load.Screw will let the rest of the page load normally, and load the selected elements

  • Jpaginate-fork 1.3.0

    The project is a fork and evolved version of the jPaginate jQuery plugin from Tympanus. It improves the successful original script with some extra details like:- i18n friendly 'first' and 'last' options- the option to enable/disable first/last displa

  • Rss2irc 1.0.3

    It is more of a bot, automating parsing and pulling RSS data to a IRC discussion channel.The user can modify options for customizing output and behavior.It is written in Haskell. What's New in This Release: · Fixed http-conduit usage so the feed

  • Bonbon Sass Vidal

    The buttons are created only with CSS3 code an with no images. Requirements:· CSS3 enabled browser

  • Compass Bonbon Buttons

    Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mix-ins, selector inheritance, and more.SASS runs with Ruby.

  • Fresh Bottom Slide Out Menu

    When the user hovers the mouse over a menu option, a fly-out panel will slide from the bottom and reveal additional text/information.The menu uses CSS3 effectsto style the menu, and jQuery to animate it. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on clie

  • Http File Upload Applet

    HTTP File Upload Applet is a browser based Java applet developed to simplify the process of uploading multiple files to a server using the HTTP file upload standard described in RFC 1867. Feature Summary - Client platform independent - Support for an

  • Ssh Factory For Java

    SSH Factory is a set of Java based client components for communicating with SSH and telnet servers. Including both SSH (Secure Shell) and telnet components, developers will appreciate the easy-to-use API making it possible to communicate with a remot

  • Secure Ftp Factory 7.0

    Secure FTP Factory is a set of Java based client components for exchanging data between machines. Including FTP (File Transfer Protocol), FTPS (FTP over SSL), SFTP (FTP over SSH) and SCP (Secure Copy over SSH) components developers will appreciate th

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