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  • Wow Slider 3.4.12

    It provides a nice interface where the user can add images and render out all the necessary code for a web image slideshow. Comes with support for Joomla and WordPress-driven websites.Multiple skins are also included.The WordPress plugin can be downl

  • Photo Rotator

    It shows an image slideshow with a big play/pause button in the center, and a list of thumbnails under it. Side navigational arrows also included. Here are some key features of "Photo Rotator":· XML or array configs· Easy customization·

  • Exposure 0.1.1

    It consists of a side thumbnail list and an image container.Selecting one of the thumbnails loads a bigger image in the big container.The container adapts to any image size, allowing the developer only to load the images, and not worry about gallery

  • Zoom-info

    Whenever the user hovers his mouse over an image thumbnail, the photo will reduce its size and will show the image title and description of the image.From here, other actions (links, redirects, etc.) can be added to add to the nice native zoom effect

  • Imagescroller

    Images are looped in a continuous manner until the user hovers his mouse over the gallery.Navigation controls and the image's description will be showed. Requirements:· JavaScript enabled on client side· jQuery 1.3.2 or higher

  • Bash Batch Image Processing Scripts 2.0

    It will work an all UNIX systems.The user is advised to backup images before working woth BBIPS. Requirements:· Imagemagick

  • Imgsvr 0.6.21

    ImgSvr is a personal or corporate Embedded Picture Web Server that let's you efficiently browse digital pictures. Contrary to other gallery systems, imgsvr aimed to be an easy and fully dynamic picture server, no static created thumbnails are created

  • Ripple Effect

    Swap the picture and enjoy

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