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  • Complex.transitional 1.4.3

    They can be applied on any element, and will smoothly transition it's content from one state to another.The plugin is perfect if wanting to animate more static widgets like content sliders, tab panels, accordions, etc.. Requirements:· JavaScript

  • Rotate3di 0.9.2

    The plugin supports setting and animating to an arbitrary isometric rotation angle, flipping, unflipping or toggling the flip state of an object at mouse events (clicks, hovers, rollouts etc.). Here are some key features of "rotate3Di":Supported by:&

  • Renderball 1.1.1

    These are bash scripts to perform renderings of position data, written in a simple xyzv format ASCII file. Requirements:· bash· gawk· povray· convert (ImageMagick)· ffmpeg for movie creation

  • Minisite Graphic Shop 1.0

    This tool delivers more than 2,000 of the most profitable buttons, bullets, arrows, attention-getter graphics, sales guarantee seals, typography letterings and more. Here are some key features of "Minisite Graphic Shop":· Replacement graphics ma

  • Sfxcart 0.2

    The user can press a number to play a sound effect. It can be stopped by pressing the letter under the pushed number. What's New in This Release: · Implemented individual effect killing· Minor tidy ups

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